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Alina Bialek
Senior Lecturer

alina bialek

Alina is a senior lecturer at CPHT London. Alina is experienced in helping individual clients from all walks of life, cultures and nationalities, Alina has helped many people gain total control over their lives, changed their thought patterns and removed limiting belief systems helping people to rediscover who they really are.

After six years of teaching of Yoga and Meditation to groups and private clients she has realised that body training in connection with the mind has achieved far greater results. Emotional well being is as important as physical well being and this is when her Hypnotherapy training started at CPHT London.

Alina is running her Hypnotherapy clinic from the Light Centre Moorgate in Central London, as a practice manager Alina offers practical experience, support and helps the student gain an understanding of how successful practice can be achieved in London.

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