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Charlotte Spillane
Senior Lecturer

charlotte spillane
BA (Hons) PGCE, PGDip, HPD, MNCH (Reg), CNHC (Reg), Sup (Hyp)

Charlotte has been a teacher for 25 years and a counsellor with the NSPCC for 7 years. She is passionate about helping others to fulfil their potential and this has defined her role as both a teacher and counsellor. As a teacher, she has taught across all age ranges, from Primary through to Secondary and she is also a Teacher-Trainer. She is committed to helping people take control of their lives, enabling them to make the changes that they wish to make and to find their inner ‘spark’.

Charlotte first became interested in Hypnotherapy when her daughter overcame her spider phobia through hypnotherapy and when, a few years later, she saw a hypnotherapist for insomnia. She found it incredible that this gentle therapy could have such powerful, life changing results and she began to read everything she could get her hands on. The more she read, the more interested she became and this ignited her passion in learning all she could about the neuroplasticity of the brain and the capacity for change.

Her leaning towards the science behind hypnosis drew her to training with The Clifton Practice, a recognised Centre of Excellence for hypnotherapy in the UK which uses the most up to date research and neuroscience in combination with the very best of Solution Focused techniques, Brain based Therapy, CBT and NLP. The Clifton Practice also have their own Research Programme running to gather evidence of client outcomes which she was keen to be part of.

Charlotte runs a busy practice seeing clients in North Wales, Cheshire and internationally, via Skype. She holds the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (HPD), The Practitioner Diploma in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and The Diploma in Medical Hypnotherapy. She attends regular CPD and is currently taking the Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy. Her passion for hypnotherapy and teaching has led her full circle, and when Cathy invited her to join Clifton Practice, Liverpool as a senior lecturer, she leapt at the chance to enthuse the next generation of hypnotherapists.

On days off, she can be found with her husband and three children wandering along the beach somewhere, preferably in the direction of the nearest ice cream parlour.

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