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Matthew Cahill
Senior Lecturer

matthew cahill
HPD, DSFH, NLP Master Practitioner, SPD (Supervisor), NCH (Acc), AfSFH (Reg), QTS

Matthew Cahill is a Senior Lecturer at CPHT London and Plymouth. He is the founder of The Observatory Practice which is a full-time successful practice housing some of the most experienced doctors and practitioners in the United Kingdom. Matthew also runs a busy practice in Harley Street, London.

Before training to become a hypnotherapist Matthew fulfilled his goal by joining the Royal Marines Commandos and receiving the coveted Green Beret, which is a part of his career he thoroughly enjoyed. He then went on to hold down various management roles within the corporate environment.

Matthew achieved a distinction for his Master’s Degree in Business and Administration (MBA) at the University of St Mark and St John, Plymouth. He also has an Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy (AHD), and an Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy (Adv.DHP). In 2006 he was awarded ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Hypnotherapy Profession’ by APHP. He lectures on the HPD and SFBT courses and some of the main seminars on the CPD programme. Matthew is also a Hypnotherapy Supervisor and the creator of the research and outcomes programme ‘CORP’.

Matthew is Chair for the United Kingdom Confederation of Hypnotherapy Organisations (UKCHO) which is the government advisory board for hypnotherapy organisations and is the author of “Solution Focused Hypnotherapy: A Practitioner’s Guide”. He has a keen interest in Chinese healing and martial arts and has studied these for over 40 years.

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