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Students and clients ask – Does Hypnotherapy Work?

As a hypnotherapist you’ll be asked many times whilst you’re in training and throughout your career, ‘Does Hypnotherapy Work?’ and you must find a way to answer it positively.

At first you too might even be a little sceptical; you’ll not be the first student to sign up without being 100% sure that what you’re signing up to isn’t smoke and mirrors.  Before beginning your training, many haven’t even had hypnotherapy, so truly don’t know the answer to the question, does hypnotherapy work?

When you start learning, you’ll know that not only does it work but it works very well!  If the hundreds of previous CPHT students are anything to go by you’ll get hooked and, because at CPHT we expect you to start seeing people straight away for simple relaxation, you’ll start trying to explain it.

Many of your friends and family might not believe you, but that’s only because they don’t know that hypnotherapy has hundreds if not thousands of research papers pointing to its efficacy in treating many issues.  They certainly won’t know that CPHT has been conducting its own research programme, now associated with Bristol University, for almost 10 years, with data from solution-focused Hypnotherapists all over the UK.

From frustration, righteous indignation, pity, outrage, evangelical zeal, face palming and disdain for the unenlightened…you’ll experience a rollercoaster of emotions as you try to convince them that hypnotherapy works.

However, as you go through your training, gain experience in practice and gather evidence and experience of your own, you will learn how to answer the question more confidently.  The huge benefit of working as a solution-focused Hypnotherapist is that you’ll learn to answer the question sooner, because your training is backed up by the latest findings in neuroscience and you practice a measurable and reliable form of hypnotherapy that uses the best of the best in modern therapy, explained in a way that makes sense to your clients.

We know that potential clients respond to science and proof so much more readily because we live in an age when long held questions are being answered.  CPHT is the only school in the UK to be using brain imaging equipment in the classroom, so you’ll soon be able to watch it yourself – the ultimate proof.

When people around you start seeing results, experiencing results and talking about your results, the question of whether hypnotherapy works stops coming up so often, but on occasion you will still be asked – does hypnotherapy work?

At this point you will smile confidently and say ‘Yes! of course, hypnotherapy works, here are my testimonials to prove it… and when would you like to book?’

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