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a woman lay down on a net

Our Support Safety Net

Sometimes a graduate from our courses can come up with a very unusual query. This can happen more frequently than

different sports equipment

Hypnosis For Sports Performance

Solution-Focused Hypnotherapists can help people improve their sports performance, from beginners to professional athletes. As Covid restrictions are lifted, we

a woman with a chalkboard full of thoughts written behind her

Managing Intrusive Thoughts

We suspect the majority of us have unfulfilled goals?  Whether that’s simply getting around to clearing out the spare room,

a sign stating the power of words

The Power of Words

Take a moment to think about a pile of words. Imagine a pile of words on the floor to your

an alarm clock

The Importance of Sleep

In our Hypnotherapy Training, the  Initial Consultation involves about 10 minutes of information gathering. We ask our clients a few

an illustration of the brain neuro network

Retraining the Brain

It used to be thought that, once we got to be adult, the brain lost it’s ability to change –

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