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So, you are thinking of re-training to become a hypnotherapist. You are looking for something that would fit around work whilst you train, and you like the idea of helping people and doing something you enjoy. Maybe you went to see a hypnotherapist and you thought you would like to help others in the same way.

Here are a few points to look for when choosing your hypnotherapy training provider.

Are they research-based?

There is lots of evidence on the more modern techniques based on neuroscience and psychotherapy. Find a school that will train you on the most updated, research-based methods. At CPHT, we use proven psychotherapy tools that work, and we have ongoing research evidence to prove it.

How many of their ex-students went on to go into practice?

Do some research to find out how many hypnotherapists trained with the school, and who are now up and running. LinkedIn is good for this. Try a search for Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training, or CPHT, and see how many across the UK are now busy running their own private practice.

How long will it be before you can start to practice with clients as a student?

We are a practical course, and we encourage you to see volunteers from early in the course, so you are building your confidence right from the start. By the time you finish the course after 10 months, you can already have your practice up and running.

Do they provide a list of CPD (continuing professional development) courses after you qualify?

As a professional therapist, you will be naturally interested and enthusiastic to develop your skills and develop yourself even further as you practice and grow. We also run national CPD courses which include further ongoing training on a whole host of topics including pain, NLP, CBT,  neuroscience, working with children, hypnobirthing, OCD… the list goes on !

Do they offer supervision whilst you train, advice on dealing with clients, and do they have a support group that meets after the course ends?

Supervision is included as part of the course to help you with setting up your business, and help you with student client issues as you go. We have a supervision group that meets up for support after you qualify.

Do the tutors run their own busy clinics? 

You need the tutors to be running their own practice because they are fresh with the up-to-date knowledge you need. Your tutors will likely be setting your example when you start to practice.

Our courses run one weekend per month, for 10 months. We are so proud of our newly trained solution-focused hypnotherapists and we continue to support them throughout their careers.

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