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The word ‘but’ is an interesting one. It’s quite incredible how it can change the course of a life if you apply the word ‘but’.

For instance, if we start a sentence with “I’m thinking of doing something different…” then the brain kicks in with the word ‘but’, and we end up not doing something that could turn out to be very rewarding and inspiring.

In the same way, when we ask clients “What’s been good”, they can start relaying a negative experience, but when we raise our eyebrows to highlight the fact they’ve gone off track, they can frequently come up with the word ‘but’ to tell us how the whole story ended up with something good.

Broadening Horizons

Here at Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training, we’ve used the word ‘but’ when talking about Covid-19.  For example, “For sure Coronavirus has negatively affected a huge number of people, but if it hadn’t been for the epidemic then therapists wouldn’t have discovered a whole new audience, who are happy to work online. This has expanded our students’ and graduates’ potential client base. Now they can work with people not just across the whole of the UK but overseas too. Obviously, we’d have been happier if Covid-19 hadn’t materialised in the first place, but sometimes we need to look at the silver linings in order to help us move forward.

Prior to Covid, it was rare for talking therapies to be undertaken online. Clients would have to travel to clinics etc. But then things needed to change quite quickly. Back in April 2020, ‘New Scientist’ talked about ‘talking therapies having now proven themselves online’! What a nice result.

Small Words Make a Big Difference

So, be curious as to how such a small word can make a big difference to your life if you really think about how you use it. For instance, if you’re on this blog, you might like to read more about our Hypnotherapy Diploma to discover a whole new potential world for yourself… just keep the ‘but’ word under control as you do so! It can make all the difference between whether you say yes or no to an opportunity.

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