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Whilst filming the video, we were able to capture the students on their first weekend taking part in a trance exercise. For some this would have been their first opportunity to experience trance. Others will have had hypnosis before they joined the course.

Just Getting on With It

We don’t hang around in getting hands-on experience of hypnosis. Straight after the first module, we ask the students to encourage friends and family to help them by listening to the student read out loud the provided language patterns. This can cause some laughter and hilarity, but it gets the student off to a flying start.

Have a look here at the video:

Practical and Theoretical

We are a very practical course, which means by the time the students graduate they have a good amount of clinical hours under their belt. The one weekend a month in the classroom provides them with plenty of theory too. The two combined means that students graduate feeling confident in their abilities. There is no substitute for practical work with real-life clients in order to build that confidence.

Meanwhile, in between the course weekends, should the student need help with a client case, we’re on hand to support them in a ‘Supervisor’ status. The feedback we get at the end of the course is very rewarding. Something we hear a lot is how the students find the support of the lecturers so good.

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