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What’s interesting is the number of Hypnotherapy training applicants who say they come through to us because our course is very practical. So, how practical is it?

During the first-course weekend, we have the students working with each other in the classroom practising trance. Then, we send them home to ask volunteers (family and friends) to help them by listening to the students reading language patterns we’ve provided. This, by itself, can have a very positive effect on the people listening.

By the end of the third weekend, we’ve taught the students enough that they can be working with volunteer case studies, on a free of charge basis, with aspects such as anxiety and low mood.

Following this, the students then feedback on their experiences to the class. It might be an interesting experience or maybe they faced a more challenging client.  The whole class can learn from this discussion. Everything is done on an anonymous basis, so the case study volunteers know their identity is protected. The lecturers act as supervisors to the students in between the course weekends and so, over the whole of the 10-month course, the student’s confidence grows along with their clinical hours and experience.

Benefits of Practice:

Working with members of the general public allows the students to come into contact with a wide diversity of people. As a result, there is a wider range of symptoms that those people present with. Anything from anxiety, panic attacks and feeling under pressure through to pain, illness or needing increased confidence to deal with any situation that might come their way. This has proven to be an exceptionally good way of teaching. In consequence, we fully expect our students to be seeing a minimum of 5-6 clients per week. By month ten most of our graduates have at least a part-time practice in place. Now isn’t that something to get excited about?!

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