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For every dark cloud, there is a silver lining. We suspect you’ve heard that saying before? It can indeed be the case though, even with a global pandemic.

Our students have been training during a period of great change in the therapeutic world. A change that most therapists wouldn’t have thought possible.

As we come out of lockdown, therapists are now moving back to face-to-face sessions. However, we suspect the vast majority of them will move forward offering both face-to-face and online sessions. Whereas prior to the pandemic, it was rare to have online therapy sessions.

Taking the Plunge:

It’s interesting that we’ve come across many clients, who prior to the Covid outbreak wouldn’t have considered online sessions.  They quickly realised, that once they took the plunge, they benefitted greatly.  In fact, studies have shown online therapy to be very effective.  One study from Georgetown University states:

“Women appear to have better outcomes following virtual interventions than in-person interventions”

A Cautious Flexibility:

It’s important to note that with online sessions you do need privacy and a good internet connection in order to feel comfortable and to get the most out of them. But working online and face-to-face gives both the therapist and their clients more choices.  So, speaking for ourselves, we’re going to put that down on our list as one of our silver linings.

More Silver Linings:

It’s interesting to contemplate how many other silver linings a pandemic might have brought to light? Some people have discovered a quieter life and are rather enjoying it, whilst others might appreciate the break from commuting for hours. Hopefully, as we continue to come out of the lockdown, we can take advantage of enjoying the freedom of simple things, like having a cup of coffee with a friend, and appreciate those little things all the more.

So, what are your silver linings? You might find you discover one or two hidden ones if you really think about it, despite what the negatives have been.

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