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  • How do I know that Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy taught by CPHT works?
  • How can I demonstrate to future clients that it works?
  • How can I measure outcomes?

The answers to these questions are important to consider before you invest financially and dedicate your time to any hypnotherapy course, particularly as the drive to measure outcomes gathers pace.

More and more reliable evidence is coming out of research studies that clearly supports the effectiveness of Solution-Focused Therapy and Hypnosis. It stands to reason therefore that the Clifton Practice’s combination of both approaches will pack a pretty serious punch. You will learn a lot about this evidence on course and it will add crucially to your theoretically understanding of why you are doing what you are doing as well as supporting your work with clients. Not all of it can be neatly packaged up into a quick answer to the ‘does it work’ question however.

CORP (Clifton Practice Outcome Rating Programme)

Let us introduce you to CORP, a client progression tool that also feeds into plans for future research.  CORP helps clients to see their progress and motivates them to continue to find solutions to achieve their goals. It also helps to build your confidence as a student and future therapist as you see in graph form the amazing difference you will be making to clients’ lives. CORP also provides information on the general effectiveness of the Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy approach. All of our students are required to use CORP as part of their work with clients during the course and they very quickly grow to love it!

What does CORP measure?

Around Module 6 of the course, we teach our students how to use the CORP software and how to incorporate this naturally into their sessions with clients. The software requires clients to rate themselves each session across the following seven scales.

  1. How positive have your thoughts been?
  2. How interactive have you been with others?
  3. How would you rate your level of activity?
  4. How would you rate your confidence?
  5. How well are you utilising your strengths and resources?
  6. How much have you achieved?
  7. How would you rate your level of happiness?

The CORP software calculates the score of each scale and the results are then plotted on a graph.

The results and benefits

The scores from these seven scales are available immediately on a personalised chart specific to the client. The chart is updated with each session which means that both the client and therapist can see real evidence of how things are progressing every session.

Students quickly realise the huge benefits of using this software. As a marketing tool it is invaluable as it allows students and therapists to demonstrate their overall performance in graph which amalgamates the results from all of their clients. It’s a great way to build confidence and to know that what you are doing works!

So, when Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training school students and graduates are asked the ‘does it work’ question, they can hand on heart say ‘yes – and I can prove it!’

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