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As a Clinical Hypnotherapist we often meet clients who are suffering from anxiety. A natural response that everyone will feel from time to time, after all no one can avoid routine life situations. We may feel anxious when we need to attend a job interview or swerve for a car that is heading in our direction and for some people it may be the worry that people think badly of them.

So what is anxiety? 

It is response that people have to perceived threats or danger. Anxiety keeps us vigilant, highly aware of ourselves and our surroundings and to the potential threat to our own security.

Not everyone reacts to an experience in the same way and not everyone experiences anxiety at the same level. Anxious people may remind themselves of the particular scary or upsetting situation by imagining the things happening and the anxiety can run away with them.

Once anxiety starts we may experience the physical nature of it. Our heart rate increases, stomach begins to churn and our breathing becomes faster. These feelings can be uncomfortable and people can end up feeling anxious about being anxious.

In the relaxed clinical setting of the hypnotherapy room during the initial consultation, we explore the changes in the brain when this happens and it helps the person understand more fully the nature of the biological response.

Danger is in the eye of the beholder even though the person may be fully aware of the irrationality of it. Logic in this situation can therefore only achieve so much.

Through trance the Hypnotherapist can provide space for internal focus when the persons mind can redefine the perceived threats and facilitate a process of de-cluttering, allowing rational thought to become more believable.

It is a kind therapy, a comfortable and peaceful experience. Many people have described it as feeling of having a good couple of hours sleep. How often do we reassess a situation after sleeping well?

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