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I’m Gary Johannes and I’m a senior lecturer for numerous CPHT schools in the UK . I never expected to become a hypnotherapist, let alone a lecturer with the school that trained me, so you might not be surprised to know that I think hypnotherapy training might be for you too!

I’ve not always been a hypnotherapist – in fact just like many of my students I’ve had a varied career. I only went on the CPHT Bristol Hypnotherapy training course to get more personal and business development, so I could be better at my job. However, what happened next was nothing short of a miracle, and my life hasn’t been the same since. This is my story and I hope it inspires you to seriously think about training as a hypnotherapist, because it is the best decision I ever made.

The first thing that amazed me about my training was that I was taught how to hypnotise people and told that I needed to find volunteers to work with right from the first weekend.  After that the course became even more exciting, gradually building up my skills and knowledge, month on month, developing my confidence and experience, even before I qualified.

Having never wanted to become a hypnotherapist, I completely changed my mind; because I’d fallen in love with being able to help so many different people – whether it was anxiety in their life, a phobia, or being a confident presenter and so much more. I knew I would start a practice, and I did; I built my practice up to a full time career in just 9 months, some of the speed was my previous experience in business, but my training had given me such a valuable skill and such a brilliant way of talking about it that I had people recommending me very quickly and gained a solid reputation within my local area.

The other thing for me is it gives me freedom to live the lifestyle I want. I control how many hours I work and when I work. I choose whether I want time off or whether I want to work every hour available. It is my choice and it feels so amazing to be completely in control of my own career and destiny; I don’t know how many other people can say that in these uncertain times.

But what about you?

We get such a wide variety of people coming on our courses from very diverse experiences, careers and backgrounds.  We get people who are working full time and want to change their careers, teachers who feel it is time to make a positive change and those who want to escape corporate life. They know that this training will enable them to be more in control of their careers.

We get people who are already qualified in the therapy or medical world, whether that be in the NHS (we’ve trained several nurses), or someone working as a counsellor, massage therapist, chiropractor, personal trainer.  Many people who work in the wellbeing and health field want to add this particular hypnotherapy training to their skills, often because it is based on the latest methods of therapy, backed up by neuroscience.

We get people who have been a full-time parent and want to get back into the work place and people who have never quite found their calling but just know they want to help people. Whether our students want to work full or part time, we know this training will help them support a positive way of living.

Most of all when people come on our courses they want to see how they can fit the course around their busy lives and get the qualification they want and to start their new careers. Our course is perfect for that because we train one weekend a month, which means it can fit around your current work and life commitments, which is so important when you are training for a professional qualification and new career.

One of the big questions I get asked on a regular basis is, how do I fit in all the course work around my everyday life? Over the years we’ve been running hypnotherapy courses here we’ve had all sorts of people, we’ve had people working full-time employment, people with young families (even nursing mums), people working away from home and people who have just come back into the work place after being a parent or taking a career break for many many years. They have all said something similar – it is doable, how it is flexible enough to fit around current commitments.

What also sets us apart is that we are solution focused. That means we work with people to get the best out-come for them, but its future paced, we also use the most clinically proven techniques and the most modern neuroscience research to back up everything we do so we know we are always at the forefront of the hypnotherapy world.

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