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Complaints Policy

Updated : 23/11/2022

CPHT is committed to providing high quality services at all times, and ensuring that all our students have a successful and enjoyable learning experience. We recognise, however, that sometimes problems arise and we aim to resolve disputes, misunderstandings and complaints promptly, fairly, efficiently and effectively. Our Complaints Policy is reviewed annually and we recognise that complaints can be used to improve our performance.

All CPHT Lecturers/Presenters are expected to treat legitimate complaints seriously, with due confidentiality where appropriate, recognising that other CPHT Lecturers/Presenters and/or Students may need to be consulted to resolve the matter. We aim to resolve all issues amicably in as speedy and as full a resolution as is practicable, with the following procedure:

  • Should a Student wish to make a complaint or raise a grievance they should first discuss the matter with a Senior Lecturer/Presenter and attempts should be made to resolve the matter.
  • If the matter remains unresolved the Student should put the grievance or complaint in writing to CPHT Head Office at
  • CPHT Head Office will investigate the matter and take steps to resolve the issues. A written reply will be made within ten working days of receipt of the complaint or grievance. If it is not possible to complete the investigation within ten working days the Student will be informed in writing and a new deadline given.

Any appeals will be overseen by an external adjudicator.

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