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Andrew Jamison
Assistant Lecturer

DSFH ,HPD, Dip S/W, B.A (Prof. Development Social Work), M.P.A, P.G.D (Health Service Management.)

Andrew has always had an interest in Hypnotherapy. He qualified as a Mental Health Nurse and has worked within the mental health field for most of his career. He is also a qualified social worker. He has worked in the NHS for the past 25 years within older people’s services and the mental health field.

He has also long had an interest in self-development and personal growth. As a training consultant for the local NHS trust, he has delivered mental health course material and supported students. He also tutors and seasonally lectures for Queens University in Belfast. Qualifying with CPHT Belfast in 2018 he runs Binary Hypnotics in Belfast and specializes in anxiety, phobias, addictions and self-development.

Andrew became a Hypnotherapy Supervisor in 2021 and started as Assistant Lecturer with Belfast that same year. He is a member of the Association of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (AfSFH) and the National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH).

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