Dawn Ibbetson
Senior Lecturer

Dawn Ibbetson Senior Lecturer at CPHT
DSFH, HPD, MNCH (Reg), AfSFH (Reg)

Dawn Ibbetson

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“After leaving university studying music technology and becoming a sound engineer, I moved into the world of IT and gradually worked my way up the corporate ladder into management, leadership and then senior leadership roles, all within highly pressurised environments.  After 20 years of stressful jobs and striving for results to work harder and better, I suffered the mental health impact associated with huge amounts of anxiety and stress, I literally burnt out.  Whilst recovering from my burn out I looked at other areas of my previous roles that I enjoyed and why I initially became a manager, and that was my calling to help people.  To help people not only develop, but be the best version of themselves.

With a passion for psychology and understanding the mind and also having previously studied NLP I started researching therapy courses and found CPHT and I never looked back, it was the best decision I’ve made to change my life direction and train as a solution focused hypnotherapist.  The modern, science backed, neuroscience focus really appealed to my analytical mind, as did the prospect of being able to help my clients be the best version of themselves.  I’m also now able to apply all the techniques I’ve learnt and use daily to keep on top of my own mental health.

After I completed my training I left my full time job in the corporate world to run my own busy clinic, also providing training online and in person throughout the UK with a delivery focus on stress reduction, resilience and mental wellbeing to businesses and corporate companies and I also work as a senior lecturer.”

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