Debbie Daltrey
Senior Lecturer

debbie daltrey
BA (Hons), AHD, SFH Sup (Hyp), HPD, DSFH, MNCH (Acc), MBNP (Acc), AfSFH, MCNHC (Reg), MBACP (Reg)
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Following a successful career that spanned 30 years in business development management, Debbie decided the time was right for something different, and to seek a second career path that added more personal purpose, and to achieve a healthier work-life balance.

She knew that the next career had to involve helping individuals somehow, with that sense of reward and satisfaction to be of real value to people on a personal level. Debbie had always been interested in psychology and completed NLP training in 2009 and was hooked. The first option considered was counselling, and Debbie started her counselling training part-time in 2012, but knew there was something else. Debbie came across hypnotherapy online whilst browsing for future career options, and remembered how her experience of hypnotherapy in her late 20’s had helped enormously to get her confidence back during a difficult time in life.

Following research, Debbie decided that the Clifton Practice was the best choice, mainly because she liked the solution focused approach, and liked how many people seemed to be in practice after the training from her research on LinkedIn. She completed her training in 2014 in Manchester and has not looked back since!

Debbie now runs a full-time successful hypnotherapy practice from Timperley near Altrincham, and Manchester city centre. She is a qualified integrative counsellor after completion of her BA (Hons) at Lancaster University. Debbie joined the Samaritans in 2016 as a volunteer listener, and mentors new recruits, as well as being Director of the Recruitment and Selection team at Stockport. She also offers her time as a volunteer counsellor for  Macmillan, and offers counselling and hypnotherapy services to members of Anxiety UK.

Debbie is a trained supervisor for the Clifton Practice, helping to support supervisees and trainees in their solution focused hypnotherapy work, and looks forward to helping others on their exciting new career paths in solution focused hypnotherapy.

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