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Jessica Townend
Senior Lecturer

Jessica Townend Senior Lecturer at CPHT

Mind Garden

“I’m Jessica – I’m a qualified Solution Focused Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

I studied Law at university and conveyancing, then went on to work with two major supermarket chains within their head office in various roles including product development and operations. This is where I confirmed that my real passion was people. I’ve always had an interest in psychology and why we do the things we do. After a few of my own struggles (which in hindsight may have been my undiagnosed ADHD for the most part) I looked more into mental health. After time off having my 2 children I studied with the prestigious hypnotherapy school CPHT Leeds and now continue to broaden my knowledge with regular development courses and supervision. Because of my corporate background and family life I can empathise about the daily juggle which I know a lot of clients struggle with.

I’ve always been empathic and wanted to help people in a meaningful way.

I picked hypnotherapy as I’ve always been interested in Psychology and how the mind works. After an amazing experience myself, I knew that it was the path for me. The subconscious is a vast undiscovered part of our brain that we have access to during hypnotherapy sessions and that’s something that is truly unique. With 97% of everything we do locked in the subconscious it’s a great thing to be able to access. By using the latest techniques, backed by neuroscience, I feel really passionate about helping people go from surviving, to thriving again. Together we can reach your goals in a manageable way that’s personable to you.

I love to learn and I’m always adding to my wellbeing toolbox. I’m so passionate about the solution focused hypnotherapy model too that I will be teaching at CPHT Leeds this year, so if you’re interested in doing what I do, drop me a message.​

I’m a proud member of the AFSFH, National Council for Hypnotherapy, The Complimentary & Natural Healthcare Council and The National Board of Modern Psychotherapy.”

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