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Senior Lecturer

Victoria Anderson, Senior Lecturer at CPHT
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Victoria grew up in an old mining village in County Durham and from a young age saw the impact that poor mental health and substance misuse had on families and the wider community. She went to university to study Criminology and developed a passion for psychology and human behaviour.

After leaving university, she worked for a local charity who supported people to achieve their full potential.  In 2005 she moved to County Durham Drug and alcohol action team which were multi-agency partnerships created in 1995 to implement the governments national drug strategy. Responsibilities involved coordinating local initiatives and programmes on drug and alcohol use and reporting on the effectiveness of these programmes.  

Victoria then moved into regulation and has been with the Care Quality Commission since 2015. She currently works as a mental health inspector alongside running her hypnotherapy practice. She decided to train in solution focused hypnotherapy after having her children and experiencing burnout. Victoria  found the power of hypnotherapy in managing her own busy life and knew that this was something that others would benefit from.  She trained with the Clifton Practice Newcastle, qualifying in 2021.

Working in regulation she has seen first-hand the impact that compassion fatigue and staff burn out is having on the public sector. When staff are feeling tired, frustrated, and not supported this has a negative impact in all areas of their lives including the delivery of services to some of the most vulnerable in society. Victoria sees the importance of supporting individuals to manage stress and achieve balance in their lives and truly believes that this is the first step to helping people and teams achieve work related and personal goals

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