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I could hardly believe what I was hearing – this flying phobia had cost my client thousands in lost flights, missed trips and they had stopped planes on the runway to get off, more than once!

The holiday of a lifetime with the person you love should be something to look forward to right? The highlight of your year? Not for Andi. Andi had suffered for many, many years with a phobia of flying that was so intense that she wouldn’t take checked baggage on holiday, because she was never sure if she would actually make it off the runway, had stopped planes more than once to get off or deliberately missed them altogether.

Andi came to see me because she had taken herself off another flight and lost thousands on an unused ticket for a long haul, dream destination flight. Her girlfriend had taken the flight and was now in a far flung destination without her. She had booked tickets for the end of the following week and asked if I could do something with so little notice to get her on the flights. Normally sessions are spread out over weekly appointments, but occasionally we need to speed up the process. I promised I would throw everything at it and that we would do our best to get her on that plane!

We did some intense work, but mostly exactly as I normally would – reducing the stimulus to something that didn’t induce a phobic response and then replacing with how she really wanted to be on her flights from now on.

When I received the text from a far away place, just a few days later, I was so happy for Andi, she was with the person she loved, in an amazing place, having the time of her life and the flight (and connecting flight!) had been absolutely fine.

There have been other, wonderful, life enhancing phobia fixes that have meant someone able to go for walks in the country without fear of frogs, get up and speak to other businesses and tell their amazing story, drive their children to school and nursery so they can go back to work…the list goes on.’

For every phobia there is a person living less that their fullest and most enjoyable life. This is what’s it like to work as a solution-focused hypnotherapist, in fact, You might already be starting to think about what life after qualification might be like while you read about Andi’s flying phobia. Imagine if it was you that had set them free to really live again. What would that be like for you?

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