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Even I was intimidated by this phobia; I’d never seen one so severe and only the fact that I have really good training, allowed me to stay confident for my client.

What’s it like to work as a solution-focused hypnotherapist? You might already starting to think about what life after qualification might be like, after all your hypnotherapy training is finished and your portfolio signed off…when you are growing a hypnotherapy practice of your own.

Here Ali Hollands, who runs her own busy practice as well as lecturing for CPHT, shares a story of from her busy casebook, about a specific phobia, which is from one of the most common issues you will see once you’ve qualified as a Solution-Focused Hypnotherapist. Just think, in just a few months, this could be you!

The Mouse Phobia Even I Was Intimidated By

‘Marie was a woman of around the same age as me; smart as a whip, funny and so down to earth. Then, when she told me in all seriousness (I knew she wasn’t joking, by the look on her face!), she would rather be dead than encounter a mouse, I knew I had my work cut out.

Marie’s phobia was inherited from her mother and she shared it with her sisters, who would, as siblings do, wind each other up over their shared terror…who needs family eh? She found mice disgusting, hated them with a passion and would find herself checking every dark looking speck on the floor or in cupboards to see if it was a mouse dropping; she knew she was being unreasonable.

The reason she had come to see me was because of the most recent episode, when she had moved out of her home for a whole week after seeing a mouse, had more than one pest control service in and now felt unsafe in her home, a place she normally loved.

After 3 sessions Marie said she had walked into the hardware shop to buy something, but had taken herself down the aisle with the pest control.  She said she had picked up a box and was able to look at the box without feeling faint, angry or disgusted…she even admitted that mice were possibly quite cute.  After the 4th session she was completely confident she would be able to cope with whatever mouse related incidents might come her way.

This phobia had even intimidated me, but I shouldn’t have been, even though I am still sometimes amazed and awed by how powerful hypnotherapy can be!

There have been other, wonderful, life enhancing phobia fixes that have meant my clients are able to go for walks in the country without fear of frogs, get up and speak to other businesses and tell their amazing story, drive their children to school and nursery so they can go back to work…the list goes on.’

For every phobia there is a person living less that their fullest and most enjoyable life. Imagine if it was you that had set them free to really live again. What would that be like for you?

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