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brain scanner on hypnotherapy studentCPHT strive to be at the cutting edge of available research and technology, looking for innovative ways to give the most clinical evidence to students about why solution-focused hypnotherapy has such a significant and lasting effect on clients.  It’s that ‘backed up by the latest research and findings in science’ that attracts so many students and we know that your future clients will often say it is why they chose you over another hypnotherapist. We live in a world where we are beginning to be able to prove why things work, which is why we take on that responsibility as your training school.

One of the biggest challenge’s hypnotherapist have had historically is being able to explain, how and why hypnotherapy actually works. Clients are curious as to what’s happening to them, sometimes a little nervous. Which is why we are so excited to be able to offer CPHT students access to a very special piece of equipment, the Emotive brain scanning device, so that our students can see, in glorious technicolour, what happens in the human brain when we use trance, which parts of the brain react and how trance is enhanced by the solution-focused approach to therapy, when combined together.

As far as we know, CPHT is the only hypnotherapy training school to bring such advanced and innovative technology into the classroom, although we hope other schools will start to use this device too; it is the first time students on a hypnotherapy training course can see what they will be doing to someone’s brain when they use trance, and how beneficial it is for the brain. Students who have seen the brain scanner in action say it took away any doubt they had about the learning they were about to embark upon and it gave them more confidence when offering trance and therapy, even from the first weekend of training.

This is a new addition to training from 2018, because CPHT believes that a deeper understanding of exactly how hypnosis works improves the confidence of practitioners, which will improve client results. With this exciting piece of equipment, you can tell clients what’s going on before during and after trance. It is possible CPHT trained hypnotherapists may be the only hypnotherapists who, with total certainty, having seen it for themselves, will be able to do that.

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