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When you first go looking for a hypnotherapy training course you’ll notice there is a dizzying choice of courses, delivery styles, course lengths, qualification levels and more, so how do you pick your hypnotherapy training school?

In order to narrow down your choices, first decide what it is you want to achieve – what’s your goal? Is it fun street hypnosis that has become so popular on TV recently that attracts you, self-hypnosis to help you with pain or another symptom you’d like to control, a mild curiosity of how you work or are you looking to change your career or add a very valuable string to your professional bow? There will be courses to fit all of those choices.

There are some truly skilled street and performance hypnotists, and learning from them won’t require you to do a diploma. Self-hypnosis can be learned very quickly in a day or so, but you can still gain a certificate, but not one that allows you to practice as a hypnotherapist. If a career change is what you are looking for then a diploma course is the best route.

And then have a think about your style; many people say they chose Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy because they like it being based on brain based research and backed by neuroscience.  They liked the evidence based approach and knew it would be able to help them explain what they did and help people get their lives back on track. If you are more science than spiritual in your approach to therapy then a CPHT diploma course could suit you.

CPHT diploma courses are delivered by experienced practicing hypnotherapists to the same high standards as all Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training Schools. The course is externally accredited by the NCFE and allows you to apply for membership to all the most well respected governing bodies including the NCH (National Council for Hypnotherapy), GHR (General Hypnotherapy Register), CNCH (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council ) and AfSFH Association for solution-focused Hypnotherapists.

Your diploma, the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma is externally verified by the NCFE (a nationally recognised awarding body) at a level 4, which is equivalent to a foundation degree level qualification.

Your training itself is practical, enjoyable and can be a lot of fun. CPHT students learn about how the brain works, how it creates so many of the problems your clients will have, and how to help them recover. You’ll look at the evidence and research behind many issues including OCD, anxiety, depression, weight management, smoking, phobias, addictions, panic attacks, pain management.

You will be encouraged to begin practicing with people straight away and throughout your course; many students have completed 50-100 hours of therapy sessions by the time they qualify. We support you to get into practice, if that’s what you are intending to do, by helping you understand your marketing and signposting you towards best practice in business set up.

Once you are qualified and in practice we can continue to support you as your supervisor and colleague, making the leap from student to practitioner as simple and straightforward as possible.  And the wonderful thing about training with CPHT is that you have access to a full range of well researched CPD courses, so that you can continue to receive the same high standard of learning as you continue your professional development and career.

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