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Alex Brounger - Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

I became a hypnotherapist back in 2011 at the age of 35. I can safely say it has been the best job I have ever had.  I have had some jobs that paid me more money, but none have been as rewarding and enjoyable and here’s why:

Job Satisfaction

Nothing can beat it. There is no greater satisfaction in life than being able to give hope to people who have “tried literally everything else” or who have been told “we don’t know what it is”. So often in these situations I have been able to provide positive and effective support which my clients say has been life changing for them.

It is also incredibly rewarding to see people, who are perhaps struggling with conditions as debilitating as anxiety, depression, IBS or panic attacks, finding a new lease of life when they realise that there is a way to overcome these conditions for good. Whilst we don’t have magic wands, and we do require client commitment, it is always wonderful to help someone who has been working so hard to cope in the past become so much more independent, positive and confident.


There are always huge opportunities for learning in this job. Whilst the training I received at CPHT, and the training I now deliver for CPHT, is comprehensive and contained everything I needed to become “a complete hypnotherapist”, there are always new developments and broader understandings to be found.

I have always enjoyed being part of peoples’ learning processes too. Much of what I do in my clinic is about allowing my customers and clients to learn different ways of thinking and doing.


Being self-employed has its ups and its downs of course, but one of the things I enjoy most about my job is that I can make so many choices based on what I want.

I can choose when, where and with whom I want to work with far greater flexibility than any job I have had before. Generally speaking, the harder I work the busier I become and so I have a high degree of control over my work life balance too. If I only want to see clients on two or three days a week I can make that decision. If I want to work full or part time I can make that decision too. If I want to take a week off I don’t have to fill in a form and give it to the HR Director. I can make my availability fit around days I need to take or pick up my children from school. Of course we have a duty to our clients to be consistently available to them but we have a great deal of control over when this should be.

Meeting People

I am often amazed at the broad variety of people that access my clinics, with a very wide array of symptom sets. All have their own fascinating stories to tell and I am always fascinated to see their often extremely rapid progress in overcoming some extraordinary situations and symptoms.

In addition, the Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy community is a supportive and positive one.  Attending professional development events packed full of solution focused hypnotherapists is always an enjoyable experience. Each one of us is passionate about what we do and working hard to implement the principles of this fantastic model into our own lives.


I talk about the brain all the time with clients and potential clients. I am still fascinated by it and have been for a long time.

Whilst we have hardly scratched the surface in our understanding of this amazingly complex organ, we know enough to know what is the right or wrong thing to be doing. At CPHT, we are also proud to be continually updating our course when new developments come to light. Becoming a CPHT trained hypnotherapist allows me the opportunity to discuss this subject in a bit more depth than I might usually with a client.

If you are looking for a rewarding, flexible and empowering career and would like further information on training to be a hypnotherapist then please do contact us.


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