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Next Start Date: 8th March 2025

For over 20 years, our training has been led by experienced, certified and practising hypnotherapists.

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If you’re thinking of going into practice as a hypnotherapist, you can train locally in Manchester using an established, trusted model of hypnotherapy, with one of the longest-running schools in the UK.

The hypnotherapy training you’ll get will help you to become competent and confident, business-ready practitioners – ready to go into practice as soon as you graduate. You’ll be learning face to face, with classroom-based, practical and experiential learning at our Manchester campus, one of over 30 around the country. Your diploma level training is made up of 10 modules delivered one weekend a month, over 10 months. This allows you time to practice your skills and build your confidence between modules. It means you can fit your training around your life and current commitments. You’ll be trained by two qualified, experienced and successful solution-focused hypnotherapists which give you the advantage of being taught by people who know and understand the world of therapy today and are passionate about sharing their knowledge, experience and wisdom.

With our hypnotherapy course you train for a diploma in solution-focused hypnotherapy in Manchester, you are working towards achieving two qualifications, both of which are nationally recognised and accredited. The Diploma in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (DSFH) and the Hypnotherapy in Practice Diploma (HPD).

The Diploma in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a practical qualification based on the latest research and neuroscience. It will teach you what you need to go into practice safely and confidently. The Hypnotherapy in Practice Diploma deepens the theory behind the skills and is the only nationally recognised and externally accredited award in hypnotherapy in the UK. NCFE verifies the Hypnotherapy in Practice Diploma as a level four award on the vocational framework.

As a student, you benefit from real-world experience. You’ll be practising with people who have anxiety-related conditions between modules, all the while supported in class and remotely by your lecturers. This means you can gain experience safely while you train. Past graduates have often told us this gave them the confidence they needed to go into practice because they graduated with real-life success stories as part of their case histories.

What students say about our hypnotherapy course

Excellent5.0 Based on 236 reviews fromMartin M.Martin M. ★★★★★ I recently completed the "Exceed Expectations Course in Solution-Focused Therapy, and it has truly been a transformative experience. This course struck the perfect balance between practical knowledge and cutting-edge neuroscience research, sparking a profound shift in my outlook on life. What sets this course apart, however, is the exceptional team behind it. Jenny Mellenchip and Ali Hollands are not only inspirational but also extremely skilled with an unparalleled depth of knowledge which they smoothly and with great enthusiasm shared with us smoothly and with a sense of humour throughout the program. Their expertise made the learning process engaging and impactful. The course would not have been the same without my fellow students who were always keen and happy to help anyone who needed a little help. I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone seeking a meaningful and enlightening journey into Solution-Focused Therapy, which not only can become part of graduates' career but most importantly it has given me tools and confidence in dealing with various life challenges we face in our lives. I feel very grateful to everyone involved in making this course exceptionally powerful and beneficial and I'm happy to say I feel proud of myself for making the decision to enrol onto it and also for following it through to the celebratory end!Tania B.Tania B. ★★★★★ Without sounding too dramatic, training with CPHT had been life changing! It’s a fantastic course that has enabled me to grow and develop personally and professionally. I left the course having all the skills required to start my new business, new friends and a newfound confidence and this is thanks to Jenny Mellenchip. She is knowledgable, professional and an excellent mentor and tutor! Thank you for everythingvictoria K.victoria K. ★★★★★ What an amazing year the past year has been! I researched a number of different hypnotherapy schools before starting with CPHT and this was the best decision I could have made. Whilst other schools may promise training in a shorter period of time, or perhaps online, the experience you get from CPHT training is second to none. I have recently completed the course with a up and running business (I actually paid off the course before I had graduated) and I feel confident with practising because of the wealth of experience from the course, both practical in seeing clients face to face from early on, and the wealth of knowledge and experience the supervisors bring. I am excited to start the next chapter and see where my business goes this year!Greg BGreg B ★★★★★ The Solution Focused Hypnotherapy course is a great experience. You get to learn and practice your skills at the same time. The course is informative and fun. Jenny, Lynda, and Jess each add something different to the course which is great to learn from their individual insights and experiences. I found the weekends enjoyable and made some new friends along the way. I’m now in a position to start a new career which was my goal when deciding to take the course.Janet S.Janet S. ★★★★★ Fantastic course. It was really well paced and well organised as well as enjoyable. The Lecturers were incredibly supportive and approachable and helped our group to bond. This was so much more than just a course; we have all grown and developed so much over the past 9 months, and at the end we are all business ready, if that is what we choose to do. I'd recommend this to anyone, even if just to develop themselves. I can't praise or thank Jenny, Lynda and Jess enough for making this such a meaningful and enjoyable experience.Toby S.Toby S. ★★★★★ After various webinars with different hypnotherapy training schools to find the right course I settled on CPHT. I have never really looked back, having Jenny, Lynda and Jess as lecturers has been a real blessing and having now completed the course Iam ready to set up my own hypnotherapy practice. The course syllabus and modules were extremely thorough, interesting and educational. Jenny, Lynda and Jess were fantastic lecturers and very supportive not only over the weekend but throughout the course and always available for a chat if I had any questions about my volunteer sessions. If you are looking to study for a career in solution focused hypnotherapy I would definitely recommend CPHT LeedsGillian E.Gillian E. ★★★★★ This is a brilliant course to study hypnotherapy, where you study for two qualifications and regularly work with real clients. The tutors are really supportive and friendly and I would highly recommend it to people thinking about training in this field.Stuart M.Stuart M. ★★★★★ An excellent course, all staff and colleagues were super friendly and helpful throughout. They were extremely flexible and accommodating with my tricky schedule but helped me navigate to success. Highly recommend and Debbie my tutor was amazing throughout the course and always available to help.Adam R.Adam R. ★★★★★ Attending this course has been so rewarding and informative. The course is well organised, professionally run and the syllabus is well thought out and comprehensive.Debbie has been a fantastic tutor, she is very experienced and confident. Working with peers on the course has been amazing and the course has covered not only the therapy but also business and marketing skills.Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a brilliant modality that is rewarding to use, and I love that it is based on neuroscience, CBT, SFBT, making it versatile. If you are thinking about this course, I would encourage you to enquire, it is worth every penny!Jo V.Jo V. ★★★★★ Fantastic course & great support throughout! I can highly recommend to anyone looking to change career or branch out into another area.Thanks so much Debbie!UTUT ★★★★★ I am so pleased that I chose to begin my hypnotherapy training journey with CPHT. The course has been engaging, informative and has set me up to have a successful career as a Hypnotherapist. My tutor Debbie has been hugely supportive and I would throughly recommend this course to anyone wanting to train.TaraTara ★★★★★ There's a reason why all reviews for this course are 5 stars.If anyone is considering enrolling in this course, do it. You won't regret it! The course is well structured, incredibly comprehensive, and gets you business ready for when you graduate. Brian and Sian are clearly passionate about what they do and ensure you feel supported every step of the way. They deliver the course with great knowledge and frequently inject humour in during the classroom sessions!It's hard to believe that before you start the course, that right from the get go you start working with clients. But you do. This is so beneficial to your development and confidence, and of course, you are then able to say that when you have graduated, you are an experienced hypnotherapist.Thank you, Brian and Sian for being such great supportive tutors. You are a credit to CPHT!Laura S.Laura S. ★★★★★ Do this course! The teaching is outstanding, the structure means that you are practising solution focused hypnotherapy from the start and when you finish the course you can begin your professional practice immediately. It is a life changing experience and I recommend it to anyone looking for a change in career or to develop and learn new skills. You won’t look back!Julie R.Julie R. ★★★★★ If you are thinking of signing up for this course, just do it! It really is life changing and the quality of teaching from Brian and Sian is outstanding. Not only am I now a fully qualified hypnotherapist starting up my own practice, I also made some great friends along the way. I can’t put into words how highly I rate CPHT Brighton.Tracy L.Tracy L. ★★★★★ Wow. What a journey. Fantastic course that really challenged my way of thinking. There’s so much information that is well delivered and really gave me the confidence to trust fully in the process, the results of my clients are testament to this.
The calibre of the lecturers is second to none and the same can be said for the solution focused angle to this model.
CPHT is exceptional and is delivering exactly what it promises. Thank you for setting me up for life as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist 🙏
Margaret C.Margaret C. ★★★★★ I loved the sessions on the CPHT course, the great tuition and support from our tutors and from each other in our group. I was very impressed with the solid evidence based research in neurology, and psychology that underpins the practice. I would strongly recommend this course. It was hard work, and quite intense at times, but great fun.Joy P.Joy P. ★★★★★ I trained with Debbie Daltry and Jane Fox in 2021 and I am so glad I chose Clifton Practice. The training is second to none and the knowledge taught is exemplary. I would recommend Clifton Practice and Debbie and Jane to anyone interested in a career in HypnotherapyBryony W.Bryony W. ★★★★★ I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the CPHT course in Bristol. Fantastic lecturers and a brilliant course. I cannot recommend it enough.Laura D.Laura D. ★★★★★ I can personally recommend the CPHT training in Manchester. I completed this in 2018 and as well as being really enjoyable and informative, I gained the skills to set up my private practice. The CPHT supervision has also supported me and my CPD across the past 5 years. I continue to see private clients (as I choose and that fits in with my home life) whilst I have also used the training to commence a career (2020) within the NHS and quickly achieved a band 8 role (solution focused thinking is a great tool for success). The cost of completing the course was recouped within the first few months of seeing clients one day a week once I had qualified. I intend to continue my professional CPD/ supervision with CPHT so that I may always have hypnotherapy clients over my lifetime due to the high level of job satisfaction and personal growth it offers to me. I work full time for the NHS currently, however I do see clients regularly as I continue to have people recommended to me from my previous clients over the past few years. (I can say if you put some work into your private practice you can can be seeing 10 clients a week relatively easily). PS: the support between all the graduates and trainers of CPHT is also really lovely !Lucy Thompson H.Lucy Thompson H. ★★★★★ I qualified as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist in 2018 from CPHT Manchester and I can highly recommend it as a training provider. The course teaches you everything you need to know to be an effective hypnotherapist and to build your own practice.Training with this school also helped me immensely to over come my own struggles with my mental health and helped me to feel more calm, confident and in control of my lifeJo Elizabeth B.Jo Elizabeth B. ★★★★★ What a fantastic year this has been! I have thoroughly enjoyed training with CPHT York, Cathy and John are absolutely fantastic tutors, engaging the students and delivering the course modules in a dynamic, fun and digestible manner.I would highly recommend CPHT York for anyone interested. The learning environment and facilities was excellent, and support and encouragement from the tutors throughout was always provided.camelia A.camelia A. ★★★★★ What a lovely journey! 10 months of absoulute joy for my soul and for my brain! I have 2 degrees in Economics and 1 degree in Contract law but this course is on the top of the list now, not only for the content which is great, but for the teachers and the lovely people you meet. They made me feel as part of a family and despite the fact English is not my first language, I had all the support I need. I definetely recommend this course!Helen Y.Helen Y. ★★★★★ This has been a very special journey; in my 60th year I have learnt something new, something valuable and precious which I chose to do which I love unreservedly.The CPHT trainers have been amazing, they made the course so enthralling, enjoyable and fun - something which I really looked forward to every month.Studying alongside like-minded co-eds has been enlightening – I have met some incredibly special people whose friendships I shall treasure forever!Helping people get better isn't a job, it’s a vocation - we will never "work" another day in our lives.Thank you so much CPHT!Natalie H.Natalie H. ★★★★★ An absolutely fantastic course, certainly is “Gold Standard.” Very hands on from the very first module, with support from the tutors the whole way through. If you’re looking for a course that will equip you enough to be able to run your own business upon completion-this is certainly the one. Thank you John and Cathy for making learning fun!Kendra F.Kendra F. ★★★★★ I have just qualified with CPHT Leeds and can not recommend it enough! The course was nothing short of brilliant and life changing! I wanted to do the course mainly to help myself, but the fact I’ve been able to help so many others as well AND begin to build my own business is just amazing and not something I ever thought I’d do. The course was so comprehensive and practical, which is what makes it stand out from the rest. I was able to help real people with real conditions pretty much from the start, which is great because now I have over 200 hours of practical experience and testimonies to add to my website despite being newly qualified! The lecturers (Jenny and Lynda) are honestly the lovelies and most supportive people you could wish to teach you! I didn’t know the first thing about building a business, I’ve never had my own business before so it was completely new to me but they help you every step of the way. Your learn so many life changing skills I am so excited to share with my friends, family and clients to help them make some really positive changes too! If you are thinking about becoming a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist I would highly recommend this school!Katie W.Katie W. ★★★★★ Absolutely incredible training programme that gives you all the skills and tools to set up your business. The tutors are kind, helpful and knowledgeable. Highly recommended.Linda M.Linda M. ★★★★★ I am so happy that I chose to train with CPHT Manchester. The theory is so interesting and well presented & by practicing on volunteer clients from the start really builds your confidence. Debbie & Jane have been brilliant with great knowledge & support & I have met fantastic, like minded students. Recommended to anyone considering hypnotherapy.Graham W.Graham W. ★★★★★ I am delighted to be able to write a review for the Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training (CPHT Manchester), Diploma in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy training course.I have completed 9 months - out of the 10 months - of the CPHT Manchester, Diploma in 'Solution Focused Hypnotherapy' training.(I previously worked as a psychological therapist, in the NHS, for 14 years, doing CBT, EMDR, MBCT)I can whole heartedly recommend this hypnotherapy diploma for many reasons.The trainers - Jane and Debbie - are experienced, supportive, approachable, and they make the learning doable and enjoyable. They are also very accessible and responsive between training dates, if we have queries and / or client matters to discuss.There have also been several guest trainers, who have added a lot of value.The course is very focused on training students to become competent and confident professional Solution Focused Hypnotherapists, and it definitely achieves its aims: from month 3, we have been practising our skills with friends, family and, eventually, clients, and receiving supervision for our clinical work, and from month 7, we have been able to charge clients 'student rate' for our therapy.I really appreciate the Solution Focussed nature of the therapy that we are training in: concentrating on what is going well for clients and what they want to achieve; helping them to move themselves, incrementally, towards their preferred lives, rather than dwelling on problems and talking about the past.Sure, talking about the past and problems, has a role, at times, in other therapies, but I have been really impressed with the outcomes that this therapy is having for clients, and I (and all of my student colleagues) have some great testimonials to demonstrate this.So, if you are looking to train to be a professional Hypnotherapist, I would definitely recommend CPHT Manchester, and this Solution Focused Hypnotherapy training.Jayne S.Jayne S. ★★★★★ I attended this course back in 2018, what a fantastic experience! The lecturers are highly professional and skilled, supporting you in your growth and confidence. I now have a successful hypnotherapy business and love my job!Jane F.Jane F. ★★★★★ Training as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist with CPHT Manchester led me to a brilliant new career that I wasn't really expecting. As well as building a successful private practice, I have also gone on to become a supervisor for CPHT graduates and also a Senior Lecturer with the Clifton Practice. There is a clear path from graduation that anyone can take to expand their career. I would highly recommend CPHT to anyone interested in training to become a hypnotherapist.Lisa S.Lisa S. ★★★★★ I am currently in my 9th month of training with CPHT Manchester, during this time I have learnt so much and thoroughly enjoyed each module. The course is in depth, well structured and so interesting. The tutors are amazing, not only at delivering the contents of the course but also ensuring they are available to provide support in-between classes. I am already working with clients and it really adds to the whole experience knowing that I am helping people. I am so glad I decided to train with CPHT and I highly recommend CPHT Manchester.Mimi T.Mimi T. ★★★★★ I joined the course in February 2022 and I couldn’t be more satisfied and thrilled. Learned a lot and enjoyed every weekend 😊Jane and Debbie are great instructors and tutors, they are very supportive and encouraging.. I consider myself lucky to have them as tutors. I would strongly recommend the course to anyone interested. Can’t wait till I graduate (next month) and launch my business 😃Silver Cloud H.Silver Cloud H. ★★★★★ I attended the CPHT course in Peterborough, facilitated by knowledgeable lecturers Gary & Nicole, graduating earlier this year. I was looking for a change of direction and enhanced further learning.
The course is run over 10 months with each month dedicated to a new topic, straight away you start practicing with family & friends to build your confidence in the subjects. Shortly afterwards you’re working with real clients.
You complete a portfolio & submit case studies as part of the course, since graduating I’ve set up my own business & commenced the level 5 AHD qualification. Our course still keep in touch & continue to support each other.
If you’re interested in this course sign up, it really will change your perspective on life & it’s so rewarding being able to help clients seeing them become the best version of themselves.
Karen O.Karen O. ★★★★★ I would recommend this course to anyone interested in hypnotherapy. In-depth, well structured and excellently presented each module covering a different aspect of hypnotherapy deepening the students knowledge. I have thoroughly enjoyed both the practical and theory elements and would not hesitate in recommending it. Believe me take the first small step you’ll be surprised as to where it may lead !Keira S.Keira S. ★★★★★ The course is designed to layer your skills up month by month, meaning when you qualify you already have many hours experience e with clients. This prepared me so well for my new career. The teaching was fantastic and supportive. A great community to be part of.Maggie F.Maggie F. ★★★★★ I looked around for a while before choosing this course. I graduated in July and I can honestly say I am so happy I chose this course. Now I have my own practice and I have to thank Ali and Gary to helping me through all the way. I am now doing what I truly love and I found the course very informative and interesting, so this has led me to continue with my studies and I have signed up for the advanced course.Emily M.Emily M. ★★★★★ I would highly recommend CPHT Surrey. The course was detailed, enjoyable and informative. I always looked forward to the training weekends and always left them feeling confident and excited about applying new skills to my practice clients. The tutors Holly and Brian were so supportive throughout the course and after and I feel privileged to have had them as a support system throughout, and to have always have revived a high quality level of teaching. I now feel confident going forward into practice as a qualified hypnotherapist. A brilliant course that’s changed my life for the better.Keith G.Keith G. ★★★★★ Completed course June 2022 and can't recommend it enough. Life changing both personally and professionallyDEIRDRIU M.DEIRDRIU M. ★★★★★ I can't begin to describe how this course changed my life and helped me to launch a successful Hypnotherapy practice. I graduated from CPHT Belfast in 2020 . The course was professionally delivered..the Lecturers and guest speakers were outstanding and the content was both practical and inspiring. I looked forward to every single weekend of the course and to be perfectly honest, I missed it when it was over. The support and supervision since graduation though had been wonderful and I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending this course to anyone who feels a calling to help others. It's an amazing therapy. Thank you CPHT Belfast!Timmy D.Timmy D. ★★★★★ I took part in CPHT Belfast's 21/22 course. This was a great experience, learning about the brain, hypnotherapy and other techinques that can be used to help people. It was a hands on course, and working with people from the beginning gave me lots of practice & experience before qualifying, ensuring I was prepared for setting up my own business. As well as learning skills to help others, I was able to relate some of the course content to myself and use this to make my own improvements.Hannah W.Hannah W. ★★★★★ A thorough and supportive experience which set me up for not only becoming a confident and knowledgeable therapist, but having a successful business allowing me to go part time at my day job before the course was finished. Thank you Holly & Brian for a truly life changing year!Diccon B.Diccon B. ★★★★★ I cannot recommend CPHT Surrey highly enough. When researching what course to study I looked through a number of options and I am very happy I ended up picking this course. The depth of knowledge and understanding I gained, the support, and the positive encouragement, both with the learning and the practical experience, could not have been any better. The tutors really went above and beyond with the training they gave us. I would, and already have, recommend CPHT Surrey for anyone looking to train in Hypnotherapy.Kate B.Kate B. ★★★★★ I spent a long time searching for the perfect place to train as a hypnotherapist and I'm so pleased I chose CPHT Surrey. The tutors are amazing and the course is in-depth and insightful. You finish the course with and up and running business, which truly is fantastic. I have left but still feel fully supported by the school and I know they are there at the end of the phone if I need them. I would highly recommend CPHT Surrey to everyone thinking of studying Solution-Focused hypnotherapy.Lorraine A.Lorraine A. ★★★★★ I’m guessing if you’re reading this review that you’re looking for a new career as a hypnotherapist? Well, I’m more than happy to save you some time by letting you know that you’ve now found the best training school available to help you reach your goal!I was recently in your position and researched many courses before choosing to train with CPHT Preston and I’m so pleased that I did. Tutors Cathy and Karen have a vast amount of knowledge and experience in the subject and make your learning journey a fun and enjoyable experience. You’ll not only finish your training with valuable qualifications and the skills and knowledge to be a solution focused hypnotherapist but you will also have the confidence and business knowledge needed to start your own practice. I loved every minute of the course and you will too!Jules J.Jules J. ★★★★★ Cathy and Karen provided a wonderful organic learning experience as tutors on the CPHT Preston course. Being a teacher with over 25 years experience myself, I know what constitutes a quality learning experience and this course does not fall short on any measure. I can, without hesitiation, recommend this course to anyone wanting to become a profressional hypnotherapist, you will have an amazing 10 month journey. JulieD O.D O. ★★★★★ I've had a great experience on the course! The quality of the tutoring - how knowledgeable, experienced, approachable and clear in their delivery Karen and Catherine are- honestly, can't be overstated. Also, the value of learning the solution focused approach is something to be stressed here, if you want to become a (or be a better) psychotherapist. The course will give you a complete toolkit, including loads of practical experience and confidence in your newly acquired qualifications. Highly recommended!Claire J.Claire J. ★★★★★ Cathy and Karen I’m so grateful that I found you guys. I can honestly say, hand on heart that this course has been the making of me. Expert tuition in a very welcoming and nurturing environment. The course has absolutely everything that you need to enable you to hit the ground running. My confidence was non existent when I started this journey, but the structure and support from tutors and my peers has been wonderful. I now have the privilege of helping others to change their lives for the better and it is the most wonderful feeling.jack n C.jack n C. ★★★★★ What a fantastic experience this course has been, i joined this course with only intentions of helping my family members who suffer with depression, anxieties and ptsd, but will be definately using this absolutely priceless information which we have learnt, to help as many people as i can now. Everything that you learn is priceless knowledge and can really help with your own life as well as others.The course itself went very fast and builds confidence whilst the tutors help you in setting up your practice along the way, you are up and running whilst helping paying customers before you even finish the course and already on your way to being a succesful hypnotherapist.The tutors are absolutely fantastic, great sense of humours, paitience of saints and anybody who is on karens courses get the best cakes ever as well as a super tutor. Catherine is a very entertaining tutor and endless giggles with her.If youre considering this course think no more. Do it!Gill H.Gill H. ★★★★★ I found the course very professional and it is very rewarding working to help my clients. The course provides all I will need to set up my own hypnotherapy clinic which I intend to do in next few weeks. Overall very pleased with the course and very pleased with my new career choice.Sue H.Sue H. ★★★★★ I have just completed my training with CPHT Leeds. The course has enabled me to change career direction and do something which I feel will make so much difference to many people. It has helped me overcome personal difficulties and to look forward to the future. The course tutors are excellent and are always there to support you and give advice. You will develop both personally and professionally and gain lots of practical experience as a solution focused hypnotherapist. Im so glad that I discovered this course and it has been truly life changing.Jessica P.Jessica P. ★★★★★ I had a great experience training with CPHT Leeds. All the lecturers are very experienced and knowledgeable and the hands-on approach to practice was exactly what I was looking for. I would absolutely recommend to anyone interested in studying something new or looking for a career change - 5*Catherine C.Catherine C. ★★★★★ I have just graduated with CPHT as a solution focused hypnotherapist and I couldn’t recommend this course more! Sian and Brian are extremely generous, sharing their knowledge and experience, and giving us so much of their time to ensure we felt supported at all times. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and I have grown as person as well as having a thriving new business. Highly recommend!Lauren A.Lauren A. ★★★★★ I cannot thank Sian and Brian enough for their facilitation over the last 10 months. Here I am, armed with more belief in myself, feeling better and knowing that I can help others do the same! The way the course is structured, with the requirement to see clients throughout, enables you not only to have the ability to deliver Solution Focused Hypnotherapy; but also set up your own practice before you qualify! If you want to help others (and also go on a journey yourself), be able to cope better and have more freedom, then I strongly encourage you to sign up!My T.My T. ★★★★★ Having experienced huge changes in my own mental health whilst being treated by a solution focused hypnotherapist trained by Sian and Brian at CPHT Brighton I had no doubts that having made the decision to retrain that I also wanted to train with them and I have not been disappointed. The course is life changing, Sian and Brian are a great team, and I was privileged enough to train alongside some other wonderfully supportive students. Not only have a got a new carer I have also gained friends for life.Georgina T.Georgina T. ★★★★★ When I was first looking into hypnotherapy courses I read reviews of CPHT & was very impressed. Never would I have believed that just over a year later I would be writing a similar review!The course is so well planned out & has given me all the tools & resources I needed to start my business & have a successful career.Sian and Brian are incredible teachers & it’s wonderful to know that you’re being taught by such experienced & knowledgeable people!I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in hypnotherapy, helping people, looking for a change or just anyone who would like to learn a new skill. This course has not only given me a new career but it has also improved my own self-confidence & mental well-being in ways I could never have thought possible 🌟Susan S.Susan S. ★★★★★ Having just completed this 10-month Diploma course I am very grateful to Sian and Brian for sharing their knowledge and delivering the course work in such an enjoyable, supportive, and practical way. Sian and Brian clearly love the work they do, and this shines through in their delivery of this course. I would highly recommend this course to anyone considering becoming a qualified hypnotherapist.Karen N.Karen N. ★★★★★ I had been recommended this course by a friend who had qualified the year before. I was doing a counselling course and wanted to look into hypnotherapy too.From the very first phone call I knew Brian and Sian would be wonderful teachers.I didn’t hesitate in wanting to sign up. I can’t believe how much I’ve learnt in 10 months, I’m running my practice with 11 clients currently and I have nearly covered the cost of the course in earnings already.Sian and Brian’s teaching is adaptable to all. They listen, guide and support and they made each and every day of learning valuable and fun.I would not hesitate to recommend them, they’re a breath of fresh air and so very good at what they do. Just do it, you’ll not look back!Rebecca J.Rebecca J. ★★★★★ This Hypnotheraphy Course is based upon evidence,research and Neuroscience. It will give you the tools, resources and information you need to work as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist.The Tutors are knowledgeable, well informed and also experienced Hypnotherapists. I have left the course with my practice in place and with paying clients.Thank You CPHT Leeds. (Graduate Natalie Nyang)Brenna Y.Brenna Y. ★★★★★ I wanted a different direction in my career and knew i wanted to help teeangers and adults deal with mental health issues.Ive always been interested in training to become a Councillor however wanted a more positive approach and becoming a clinical solution focused Hypnotherapist has fulfilled that. This course was very informative and lead by two amazing humans. I met some of the best people ever and would highly recommend thia course! Thanks for everything xBrenna Y.Brenna Y. ★★★★★ I did CPHT York...excellent course and would definitely say just go for it! Its changed my life in so may ways.Cathy has so much knowledge its insane and shes always willing to help at anytime! Fab person fab course get it booked xxRuth B.Ruth B. ★★★★★ If you are looking to train in a new career I couldn’t recommend CPHT Brighton more. The course is thorough and taught by professional and knowledgeable tutors who go above and beyond to teach in an engaging and effective way. The course has not only helped me to develop professionally, but personally I have also gained a great deal from it. Thanks so much.julie L.julie L. ★★★★★ What an amazing course. Brian and Sian are excellent teachers and truly knowledgeable in their field. The course was engaging and informative and I always looked forward to the next weekend of learning.You also have clients throughout the course so that by the time you qualify you feel confident and ready to start your business.I also met some amazing people in the class who I am happy to now call friends.Enzo MEnzo M ★★★★★ The course was friendly and comfortable. The teaching methods were thought provoking and clear.All the students noticed a difference in thinking, now we are more knowledgeable and really believing that we can confidently deliver Solution Focused Hypnotherapy for helping and supporting people.Additionally, I have learnt some effective techniques that have proved helpful to me personally.It was excellently done, professional and sensitive. Brian and Sian led us towards the answer, rather than telling us.Isabelle B.Isabelle B. ★★★★★ Ten months ago, I can honestly say that I was a different person - this course has enabled me to envisage and to appreciate life differently and to help countless people along the way. It's been a transformative journey, even within my own family - as my little boy was helping me rehearse for one of my assessments, we all realised he was also starting to understand the workings of the brain. My sincere thanks to both Sian and Brian who are simply outstanding teachers and mentors.Sandra M.Sandra M. ★★★★★ Having experienced the ‘sharp end’ of hypnotherapy, John brings his own knowledge and understanding to the classroom. Approachable and supportive, he has a warm and friendly personality which enhances his teaching style and ability to ‘get the message across’. With his love of coffee, good food and travel, as well as his outstanding technical skills, John is a tutor not to be forgotten and it is a pleasure to have been taught by him. His supervision sessions are pretty good too!Sandra M.Sandra M. ★★★★★ Having experienced the ‘sharp end’ of hypnotherapy, John brings his own knowledge and understanding to the classroom. Approachable and supportive, he has a warm and friendly personality which enhances his teaching style and ability to ‘get the message across’. With his love of coffee, good food and travel, as well as his outstanding technical skills, John is a tutor not to be forgotten and it is a pleasure to have been taught by him. His supervision sessions are pretty good too!Beaulieu R.Beaulieu R. ★★★★★ I highly recommend anyone who is looking to explore the idea of creating their own business in solution focused clinical hypnotherapy and psychotherapy to get in touch with CPHT Brighton. I have just qualified and can’t thank Brian and Sian enough for sharing their knowledge and support with me and the fantastic group of people that I have shared the experience with. It’s been an amazing, life changing experience and I look forward to what the future now holds for me. Thank you Sian and Brian!Vicki L.Vicki L. ★★★★★ I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this course to anyone interested in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, wanting to learn something new or start a new career.Sian and Brian teach you all you need to know both theory and practical. You get to start seeing practice clients from the first weekend whilst helps you build confidence as a therapist right from the beginning.You get practical advise on marketing, the ideal client for you, and legal aspects so graduate with a whole new set of skills, and a business in place to start seeing clients right away.Sian and Brian are supportive and encouraging tutors, who are on hand to guide you through the course in person and by phone between weekends for supervision when needed.If you are thinking about booking this course, just do it, you won’t regret it.Darren H.Darren H. ★★★★★ I sat the CPHT course and it was brilliant. The course itself is fantastic and the encouragement to gain experience through the course has been invaluable. I have spoken to therapists that trained with other schools and I realise how important this has been. More than just hypnotherapy coaching, you will receive valuable insight in to marketing, insurances, registrations with affiliated bodies - everything you need to turn the course in to a business.Catherine B.Catherine B. ★★★★★ I highly recommend this course. I completed the CPHT programme with Cathy and team in 2021 and it was an overwhelmingly positive experience with experienced, knowledgeable and supportive tutors. The course provided intellectual stimulation, practical experience and great fun. It contributed to my own personal development and developed the confidence to set up my own practice.Four Seasons L.Four Seasons L. ★★★★★ What can I say about this course! Wow it’s not only changed the way I think in the most positive way it’s started me in a career I feel passionate about. Iv never met such Inspiring and encouraging people in my life the tutors on this course are amazing!Liz L.Liz L. ★★★★★ This course is excellent. The content is fascinatiing, lecturers interesting, supportive & nurturing. Such an amazing start to a fabulous new career. I enjoyed every moment.Liz L.Liz L. ★★★★★ This course is amazing - I can't recommend highly enough. It was life changing for me. The tutors are excellent, the content brilliant & my new career everything I wanted it to be. Thank you so much.Colette K.Colette K. ★★★★★ I completed training with CPHT Liverpool in December 2021 and highly recommend this course. The tutors Cathy, Charlotte and Jen are very knowledgeable and skilled solution focused hypnotherapist who provided the perfect environment for learning and the development of a career as a solution focused hypnotherapist. I have learned so much and had lots of fun along the way. It has been a life changing experience and I would happily do it all again.Colin R.Colin R. ★★★★★ I would fully recommend this course to any one that would be thinking about it.I recently qualified at the Liverpool course,and the tutors ,Cathy, Charlotte, and Jen, were absolutely brillant in the way the presented the course , which made it enjoyable to learn, and would say its a life changing course in more way s then oneCaroline Sutton (.Caroline Sutton (. ★★★★★ I highly recommend this course to anyone considering training to become a Solution Focused hypnotherapist. The CPHT training is the gold standard training for hypnotherapists and this course really gives you a very firm foundation on which to learn and build your career as a Solution focused hypnotherapist. Very thoughtfully presented by John and Cathy tow highly experienced therapists . The course is a combination of taught lectures and practical experience . It sets you up with the tools to become a competent practitioner right from the start . I have only been qualified for two months and my life is already changing in such a positive way . I have my own business working in a role that is fulfilling and supports others to improve their lives . Give it a go I am sure you won’t regret itCarolineKirsty T.Kirsty T. ★★★★★ Signing up to this course is the best thing I have done, its a life changer! The tutors Cathy and John are the most professional and entertaining duo, I learnt and laughed lots. CPHT is fantastic training school and gives you everything you need to get started in the world of therapy. I'm so happy to be finally on my path of helping people. Can highly recommendGeorge M.George M. ★★★★★ It has been an amazing 10 months of training - both of the tutors are extremely knowledgeable and present a course that builds up from the previous months' learning, that encouraged us to start practising from the very first session.I would heartily recommend enrolling on this course to start your fantastic journey to becoming a Solution Focused Hypnotherapy.elaine H.elaine H. ★★★★★ A great course, so interesting. John and Cathy are great teachers,explained everything so clearly .Sara M.Sara M. ★★★★★ An amazing course and the tutors we're brilliant! Definitely recommendHeather W.Heather W. ★★★★★ I have just completed the CPHT Liverpool Hypnotherapy course and cannot recommend it highly enough. The course has been enjoyable providing a fascinating insight into the mind and brain. The tutors Cathy, Charlotte and Jen are inspiring , professional, always supportive and make the material accessible, interesting and fun. A well planned, well executed and practical course providing all information and training necessary to become a fully trained solution focused hypnotherapist.Tabatha W.Tabatha W. ★★★★★ I feel so, so lucky and blessed to have decided to do this course. I genuinely feel like it's the best decision I've ever made.The turors, Cathy, Charlotte and Jen are incredible. The make learning so fun and have so much energy. Their positivity is contagious. They have taught me so much and are very encouraging. They give a lot of support and welcome questions. They are absolutely amazing at what they do.The course is so informative and well structured. There is a lot to learn and a lot of hard work involved but I really enjoyed the experience and I feel well equipt to progress in my new career.The course not only let me start a new career that I'm passionate about but it helped me to grow as a person. The information given is life changing and made me an even more positive person. It's also an opportunity to meet new people and make some wonderful new friendships with like minded people.I would 100% recommend this course!Catherine L.Catherine L. ★★★★★ This is quite simply a superb course with great tutors, and I feel very lucky to have been a student with CPHT Liverpool as the trainingI have received has been enjoyable, comprehensive, informed by the latest neuroscience and immensely practical.The practical nature of the course has given me so much confidence as I was able to see for myself just how effective the techniques we were being taught are.christine M.christine M. ★★★★★ If you are considering training as a hypnotherapist this is the course for you. I cant recommend this course enough everything about the course content, tutors, support and overall learning experience has been outstanding. It has been a life changing experience for me and I feel like a different person than the one that started the course. You will never regret booking on to this course and training as a solution focused hypnotherapist, one of the best decisions I have made.DJ Ian C.DJ Ian C. ★★★★★ This was one of the most fun and exciting thing I had did and even though I couldn’t finish the course due to personal reasons the course is along with the tutors is excellent and would advise anyone to take it. Even though I couldn’t finish I have asked to do the next course so I can finish and get my qualifications. Enjoyed every bit of it Thank YouMiv K.Miv K. ★★★★★ CPHT training in Glasgow takes you on a journey of self discovery and equips you to share your learning with others, in a practical, solution focussed way.
CPHT gives you the tools to be a confident Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy Practitioner and helps you create the foundations of your own future practice for you to build on after qualifying.
I have thoroughly enjoyed the course in Glasgow and would recommend it to anyone thinking about hypnotherapy training in the future.
Jackie S.Jackie S. ★★★★★ I have almost completed my course with CPHT. They have been supportive and helpful all the way. I highly recommend the course, it has changed my life, allowing me to pursue a very rewarding career.michelle F.michelle F. ★★★★★ Fantastic course, great support & guidance from the tutors, highly recommended.Richard T.Richard T. ★★★★★ I found this course very informative and really appreciated how accommodating both tutors were given that i am the first blind student they have had on the course. Due to Covid the majority of the course was via zoom but this did not detract from the learning experience. The course challenged me at times, however i acquired new skills and knowledge and received excellent support from both tutors throughout.Addison C.Addison C. ★★★★★ I'm about to graduate from the Solution Focused Hypnotherapy course and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm already an experienced clinical hypnotherapist but wanted to learn about the solution focused approach. Also The Clifton Practice is very well known as a centre of excellence, so I knew I could learn a lot from this course. The course is well structured, well paced and the tutors are very professional, friendly and helpful. It's been a great experience, I've met some wonderful people and I've learnt even more about hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. It's a great course for both beginner and experienced therapist alike. If you're considering a future in hypnotherapy or want to add another modality to your current practice, then CPHT would be a recommended place to look.Noirin C.Noirin C. ★★★★★ This wonderful course changed my life. I started training as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist in March 2020, I qualified in January 2021 and now I'm working full time in my own practice, doing what I love.I enjoyed every minute of training with fantastic Senior Lecturers Cathy, Charlotte Karen and John.If you are considering training to be a Hypnotherapist don't hesitate to get in touch with CPHT, you won't regret it.Russ H.Russ H. ★★★★★ Making the decision to take part in this training course has been the best decision I have ever made. It has been so positively life changing. The course is delivered in a very professional yet friendly and supportive manner. Anyone looking to do this course, I truly believe it would be the best decision you could ever make. Thank you so much Lisa and Paul.Emma S.Emma S. ★★★★★ Catherine has been an excellent supervisor who I started working with just before COVID hit, the group meetings are excellent and she is always their to support you if you have any problems with clients.Chris T.Chris T. ★★★★★ An amazing course with fantastic tutors in Lisa and Paul. They really care about making you the best you can be and support you all the way. I would recommend CPHT to anyone.Karen D.Karen D. ★★★★★ I did my training with Cathy in Leeds several years ago and I can highly recommend both Cathy as a tutor and this course. It is informative, fun and life changing. CPHT is a highly respected training provider and the qualifications gained are second to none, the gold standard in the UK!Catherine O.Catherine O. ★★★★★ I completed the CPHT Liverpool Hypnotherapy training programme in April 2021. This is an excellent programme. Cathy and Charlotte (Programme leaders) were so knowledgeable and supportive. The course was well designed and paced. A strong sense of community is fostered from the outset and there is excellent ongoing support from tutors on all areas of practice and the practicalities of setting up a business. I recommend the course highly.Debbie R.Debbie R. ★★★★★ A truly excellent training course, providing everything needed to begin a successful and rewarding career as a hypnotherapist. Cathy and Charlotte (ably assisted by Karen and John) are veritable fonts of knowledge and positively bubble with enthusiasm and expertise. Highly recommend this course.K H.K H. ★★★★★ I really enjoyed this life changing course. It has been lovely to be able to help myself and others to make positive changes in their lives. In addition I met such lovely people along the way.Sue F.Sue F. ★★★★★ I was so glad I chose to train with CPHT, - there are a number of other courses available but they don’t have the ‘all-round’ approach that CPHT offers. They cover everything, this isn’t just a theoretical course, you get to put it into practice very quickly which builds confidence, and the practical skills required to gain real experience prior to qualifying. The course covers marketing, finance, date protection, business planning - everything you need to set up your own business and it is done at a pace that doesn’t feel overwhelming at any point. The tutors Jenny and Caron are fantastic and the support is second to none. The students on my course were fantastic and we supported each other throughout the course. When I was researching hypnotherapy courses I saw the reviews for CPHT and was a tad cynical that they were all five star reviews and here I am almost a year later giving them a well deserved five stars from me! Absolutely worth it.Vicki R.Vicki R. ★★★★★ By studying Solution Focused Hypnotherapy with the CPHT Surrey Hypnotherapy Training School, you will not only be able to learn all of tools and techniques associated with hypnotherapy, but will also gain the valuable experience of working with a portfolio of clients. One of the best aspects of the course is that through the excellent guidance of the tutors (who share their knowledge generously) you will be able to have everything you need in place to start practicing. As a byproduct of the course I have also found I am confident in a number of areas which I have previously struggled with. Thank you Holly and BrianCarla Marcos L.Carla Marcos L. ★★★★★ Fantastic hypnotherapy course! It has been such a great experience. My tutors where very knowledgeable and supportive and my fellow students have been such a lovely group of people to be around! Something that I have really valued about this course is that we began to practise with real clients from the beginning, so by the time we graduated, we were very well prepared and already practising as professionals. Thank you Jenny and Caron for all that you have taught us.Holly M.Holly M. ★★★★★ I have recently qualified as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist from CPHT Leeds. I cannot recommend this course enough! You start seeing clients early on in the course meaning when you qualify you already have the confidence and experience needed to set up your own practice. The lecturers were very supportive and helpful throughout the duration of the course.If training to become a Hypnotherapist is something you have thought about but never been sure on, just go for it! you won't regret it!Thank you, Jenny and Caron!Dominica S.Dominica S. ★★★★★ I have qualified as a solution-focused hypnotherapist this month. I have enjoyed this course so much! The lecturers have been brilliant and very supportive. The course was fun, very informative and practising on clients during our studies has been an invaluable experience. A very rewarding career! Highly recommend. Many thanks to Jenny and Caron for all their support.Kim A.Kim A. ★★★★★ Really, really enjoyed my training with Jenny and Caron at CPHT Leeds. I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone thinking of going into Hypnotherapy.The course is well thought out, and well paced, and gives you everything you need to set up your own practice, including hands-on experience from the start with clients so once you're qualified you are confident to see people immediately. It is fascinating, informative and a first class course.I loved the fact it covers both the neuroscience behind the therapy as well as all the marketing, and business side of things - this makes it a really well rounded course which doesn't just teach you the basics of hypnotherapy but also how to set up and run a successful practice.Both tutors are brilliant - supportive, kind, and knowledgeable with everything you need - they have their own busy clinics so can answer any and all questions you might have.Would 100% recommend. Thank you Jenny and Caron xxLisa L.Lisa L. ★★★★★ I am extremely happy to have completed this course. It has not only changed my life but, also the life of others. The lecturers, Lisa and Paul, were quite knowledgeable and made it very interesting. Thank you for your support and life changing experience.Robert S.Robert S. ★★★★★ I have really enjoyed this course, the tutors Cathy and Karen are superb, supportive and don't mind going over subjects, you don't immediately understand first time.The course content, has been delivered in an informative, and inclusive manner throughout, in a relaxed way, with some fun and humour in the mix as well.In my own experiences the techniques we have learnt have also helped me, to improve my own, personal mental health.I would recommend this course without hesitation. I cannot wait to start helping others when I start to practise on my own, if you enjoy making a difference, and helping others in the process , this course is for you.I cannot believe how quickly this course has gone. Thanks to Cathy and Karen for delivering an enjoyable experience, and for helping me personally with care, support and encouragement throughout.Amanda Jane H.Amanda Jane H. ★★★★★ From my first enquiry about joining this course I knew CPHT Preston was exactly what I'd been looking for in hypnotherapy training. I'd researched a few courses, but Cathy & Karen are absolutely fantastic. Their enthusiasm and expertise has been of the highest level. The standard of tuition is the best I've had and I would say if you're looking for a training course that gives you the knowledge you need and the support to get you to a competent, confident Clinical Hypnotherapist, then this is it! CPHT is geared to being by your side from day 1 to beyond your training with their massive choice of CPD courses. Go for it! It's the best decision I made, and I'm sure it will be for you too.Martin F.Martin F. ★★★★★ If you want to be the best in this profession - you need to be taught by the best in the profession. I did a vast amount of research on the various organisations who teach hypnotherapy in the UK before signing up with CPHT Preston. No one else seemed to come close to the overall quality and content of the comprehensive course on offer at CPHT. You really are supported all the way through this quality course - and beyond, by dedicated top notch leading practitioners. Delighted to recommend.Danielle D.Danielle D. ★★★★★ I can highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to change careers and wants to help change people their lives for the better. I have personally learnt so much from this course and also gained the confidence to fulfil my dreams. The tutors are highly experienced, fun, helpful and very encouraging. I have met some wonderful like minded people and made friends for life.lucy S.lucy S. ★★★★★ This course will literally change your life and those around you. Lisa and Paul provide top quality training of their own and enriched our learning through phenomenal guest speakers. As someone who has worked with different modalities, solution focused hypnotherapy has provided me with an incredibly powerful therapy to support those in crisis. If you’re wandering whether to take this course ….. stop wandering …. Do it…. You won’t regret your decision. Lucy SilkJenna H.Jenna H. ★★★★★ I would recommend Sian and Brian and this course to anyone considering training in hypnotherapy. Sian and Brian are experts in their knowledge and delivery, they make the learning enjoyable and I have benefitted so much from having them as course leaders. The support and encouragement they have given us is fantastic and the course itself is excellent. The fact that it is a course requirement to see clients straight away meant that we have been building our experience up from day one. I am so pleased to have found and done this course, it has been life changing!Leigh E.Leigh E. ★★★★★ I can only describe my time learning with the CPHT Brighton team as one of those rare experiences where your tutors (Brian and Sian) are not only knowledgeable, inspirational and engaging but also feel like life long friends. Thank you so much for a wondeful learning experience xxxTara B.Tara B. ★★★★★ Thank you so much for such an incredible learning journey and life changing experience. This training course was highly professional, thoroughly enjoyable and very well researched and presented. I feel privileged and proud to be able to use the knowledge and skill that I have gained to be able to help my clients so profoundly and effectively. I feel ready to be able to go on and use what I have learned to great effect and excited to carry on my learning journey with you in CPD and supervision.Personally my relationships have improved to become extremely secure, stable and happy, my overall well-being and health is at an all time high and I feel totally confident that I can manage my genetic vision loss and still feel joyful and confident no matter what that brings.Thank you so much for this and more.Best wishes, TaraLisa M.Lisa M. ★★★★★ Every month I think this has been the best month and then the next one comes and I’m saying it all again!This course is complete and has left me confident and ready to set up on my ownSian and Brian are so amazing as tutors and as people , I literally can’t think of anything but positive things to say - genuine , passionate committed and so warm and approachableDoing this course has helped me personally and professionally !Katie H.Katie H. ★★★★★ Very pleased with the course, I learnt alot! Brian and Sian are great teachers 😊Jane M.Jane M. ★★★★★ This course has prepared me so that at the time of qualification I have now have regular clients and a business plan with knowledge of how to progress my private practice. The course content has lots of interesting areas that you can then go on to specialise in further. There were a great selection of speakers throughout the training that really gave great insight and inspiration to me to move forward with my practice.Deborah R.Deborah R. ★★★★★ I have enjoyed my training with CPHT Sheffield, the trainers were very knowledgeable and ensured I have the knowledge and experience to be a successful Hypnotherapist, as well as assisting with setting up my own practice. It has been fun as well as informative.Nicola D.Nicola D. ★★★★★ Fantastic course, I loved the up to date research on the brain and how this impacts us on a daily basis. The combination of therapy and hypnosis is very powerful and having had some myself throughout the course I have definitely felt the benefits. The tutors are really knowledgeable, experienced and also extremely supportive with any hurdles along the way. I highly recommend this course!Harmony Hypnosis S.Harmony Hypnosis S. ★★★★★ This course allowed me to launch my hypnotherapy business so I can't thank Jane and Debbie enough for that. Highly recommended.Ann H.Ann H. ★★★★★ I feel fortunate to have trained with the CPHT Edinburgh School , it has given me a whole new career and a new lease of life.The course is structured in such a way as to instil confidence in you from the word go. Also the lecturers are full of enthusiasm and make every module very enjoyable while delivering the essence of SFH, the neuroscience and interesting anecdotes from their personal experience as Solution Focused Hypnotherapists. They (in this instance Anne Wyatt and Alex Brounger) have been supportive all the way and have faith in sending us out into the world to 'fly solo'. The icing on the cake was meeting and getting to know the rest of the class and becoming part of our 'Hypno Family'!Clare D.Clare D. ★★★★★ Making the decision to do this training course was simply one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has more than met my expectations. The course is presented in an enthusiastic way and I loved the informal fun approach. It has been a wonderfully practical course - both personally and professionally and I am looking forward to pursuing a career in hypnotherapy. Thank you so much!Dermot O.Dermot O. ★★★★★ The course run by CPHT Belfast was fabulous. The tutors were fun and informative and the content was easily understood, and able to be applied to real life therapies with clients. There was great support throughout especially considering it had to be delivered nearly entirely online at short notice. I would commend this course to any new students considering making life-changing career choices DermotLauren A.Lauren A. ★★★★★ I could not recommend this course enough. CPHT Belfast Hypnotherapy Training has changed my life! It is led by supportive and knowledgeable trainers. The course is well structured, interesting and above all a lot of fun! I feel very well prepared to launch my own hypnotherapy practice and look forward to continuing my professional development with the Clifton Practice.Chris O.Chris O. ★★★★★ Becoming a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist has completely changed my life for the better. CPHT are the leaders in the field of Solution Focused Hypnotheraphy training and through their fantastic courses I have developed beyond recognition as both a person and practitioner. Thank you so much! Can’t recommend highly enoughKaren D.Karen D. ★★★★★ I did my training with Cathy in Leeds and can honestly say she is one of the best! She is an expert in her field and also at teaching........she always manages make it lots of fun as well as making everything clear and understandable. I have also got to know John and it would be hard to find anyone more enthusiastic and generous with his knowledge. This will be a fantastic course, don't miss out!Joe F.Joe F. ★★★★★ I qualified as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist with CPHT in December 2019. Cathy is an amazing tutor and the atmosphere on the course is excellent, you will make friends for life as I did. Training with CPHT is without doubt the best career decision I have ever made. It has allowed me at my own pace, to begin a career that is both interesting and rewarding in equal measure.Joe ForshawJen H.Jen H. ★★★★★ I cannot recommend CPHT enough.From the moment I contacted them to express an interest in the course they were happy to answer questions and communicated everything I needed to know before the course began ensuring I had made the right decision in the Hypnotherapy school I had chosen to train with.I loved every minute of training with Cathy at CPHT, both lecturers are knowledgeable and experienced and it really showed, not only in the classroom but between lessons when we needed the support.Even after the ten month course ended Cathy has continued to be there as supervisor and ensure that I am happy in my new career.The course itself doesn't just teach you what you need to know as a Hypnotherapist but also as a new business owner.Mending Your Mind H.Mending Your Mind H. ★★★★★ I thoroughly enjoyed the CPHT training course and felt that I learned so much in such a short space of time. The tutors were very professional and helpful and I felt that they offered me a lot of support throughout the training. Thank you, I would definitely recommend the course, it has been money well spent.Lisa G.Lisa G. ★★★★★ By studying Solution Focused Hypnotherapy with CPHT Surrey Hypnotherapy Training I knew that I was being taught by one of the best training schools in the country. The qualifications you receive after successfully completing the course, the Diploma in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (DSFH) and Hypnotherapy in Practice Diploma (HPD), are considered to be the 'Gold' standard in hypnotherapy training. What I really liked about the course is that you start practicing with clients straight away, so you gain invaluable experience and start to build your client portfolio.Geraldine J.Geraldine J. ★★★★★ Friendly and experienced teachers and supervisors, and a great network of fellow hypnotherapists both new and experienced for long term supportPeta T.Peta T. ★★★★★ The course was very good, I learned a wonderful new skill that enables me to help people with a whole range of problems. The course is well presented and every encouragement is given to help you become a great therapist. The ongoing supervision sessions once qualified are invaluable and are client centred helping you cope with any problems in a calm and solution focused way. I would recommend this school/course to anyone looking to train in clinical hypnotherapy.Sue's S.Sue's S. ★★★★★ I learnt a whole new set of skill and I am able to support people with a therarpy that looks to the future. I love this therapy as it not only supports clients with anxiety, phobias or insomnia but it also helps to build their confidence, and self-esteem.The course was comprehensive and we had a lot of opportunites to practice the skills on each other and volunteers during our course.Mending Your Mind H.Mending Your Mind H. ★★★★★ I found the training at CPHT to be exceptional. I learned so much throughout the course and at my own pace which was good. All of the tutors were professional, friendly, helpful and approachable and the course was made even more enjoyable with a bit of humour added to our sessions 😀 I will really miss my weekends on the course but will definitely be staying in touch with the tutors and fellow students as I have made some lovely friends for life.Emma B.Emma B. ★★★★★ I have had the pleasure of working with Jenny over many years. Jenny is extremely knowledgeable in her field. She is an excellent teacher, putting her students at ease with her friendly yet professional manner. She is very pragmatic and totally engaging when she delivers course content. She aspires to bring out the best in people, and to support them in achieving their goals.Anna A.Anna A. ★★★★★ I did my training with CPHT I can’t recommend it enough I learned so much excellent tutors very informative and helpfulMaxine S.Maxine S. ★★★★★ Tremedous thank you to Gary Johannes , Nicole Woodcock and Carman Harrington.
'what an inspiring bunch ' I go out of 2020 into 2021 as a different human being, more self assured , confident and truely ready to make a difference.
This course is science based and transforms your way of thinking about why we do what we do and what makes us think and behave the way we do.
A powerful and inspiring 10 months .
Chris T.Chris T. ★★★★★ I absolutely loved this course from the very first moment to the very last. It completely changed my life in so many ways both personally and professionally, which I'm incredibly grateful for. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is amazing and it's really wonderful to be able to help clients recover from many varied debilitating issues. Added to that it's such a flexible business that is easy to work around other commitments. Jenny and Caron are very experienced and competent tutors who run their own busy practices. So their support in both the theory, practice and business set up of hypnotherapy is excellent. I would totally recommend this course and tutors Jenny and Caron.Louise B.Louise B. ★★★★★ The past 10 months have been one of the best experiences of my life. I've learnt to much, made some wonderful friends and am ready to start my new career as a Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist. The course tutors, the lovely Lisa Williams & Paul Hancocks went above & beyond to help us through our course - their experience & knowledge is only second to their genuine desire to help & support their students. If you are considering studying hypnotherapy, then I can highly recommend this course - it will change your life & that of those you will be able to help.Rob D.Rob D. ★★★★★ A fantastic course which was very practical and most importantly fun throughout. You will learn everything you need to be a successful hypnotherapist. Susan and Stuart are excellent lecturers and good fun. If you want to have a positive impact on poeples lives as well as your own, I can highly recommend this course for you.Catherine W.Catherine W. ★★★★★ I have been a member of the first CPHT Sheffield Hypnotherapy Training. I am proud to say I am a member of this group. Our tutors Debbie and Jayne are brilliant. Our group have met challenges with the covid 19 lockdown, we have adapted to training via zoom and embraced it. We have also learnt to see clients on line via zoom as opposed to face to face. I would recommend this training very highly.Angela S.Angela S. ★★★★★ A new career making a real difference to people's livesI found that the course structure and content were designed to create a supportive, stretching, interactive, practical route to a new career as a solution focused hypnotherapist. The tutors came across as highly experienced and knowledgeable and worked with people on the course where they were in their knowledge and understanding of hypnotherapy. As a graduating hypnotherapist from the 1st Sheffield course I can say the tutors provided me with the support I needed throughout the programme to reach each milestone and made it feel achievable. I felt the course ptovided a balance of different learning styles - theoretical or practical. The client work started almost at the start of the course and I found it incredibly satisfying to make a real difference to people's lives.Jessika S.Jessika S. ★★★★★ You won't regret doing this course! The tutors are fab and support you the whole way with informative weekends and supervision in-between. I have a much deeper understanding about how and why people develop behaviours and habits that can be destructive and debilitative. You will learn the skills you need to transform your clients lives for the better. Using the Clifton Practice's solution focused hypnotherapy techniques, I now have so much more confidence in my own abilities as a therapist going forward. This is such a positive, forward looking style of therapy that, believe me, you won't look back once you've tried it and will be set up at the end of the course to start a successful business. Good luck!Joe F.Joe F. ★★★★★ Hi My name is Joe ForshawI am a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist. I gained my qualification with CPHT Liverpool In December 2019 where Cathy was my Tutor. I have completed many vocational courses and also a Degree in Psychology and Post Masters Cert in Criminology. However, in regard to my personal and career development, studying with CPHT was without doubt the best decision I have ever made.I has allowed me, at my own pace, to pursue a career that I have always wanted, one that is interesting and rewarding in equal measure.If you are considering studying with CPHT I can recommend it with complete confidence.Cathy is an amazing Teacher and a wonderful person, you will love her.Studying Solution Focused Hypnotherapy with Cathy at CPHT will not only allow you to change your career it will change your life.You will also make lifelong friends on the course.It will be the best career decision you will ever make.I most certainly was for me.Joe Forshawenfys J.enfys J. ★★★★★ This is the most prestigious college to train in Hypnotherapy, in the UK. The standard of teaching and classroom practice is extremely high (I say this as an experienced educator). The knowledge and skills you gain from completing your training at CPHT will set you up to be amongst the top practitioners in the country. I attained the diploma and then the advanced course (and a plethora of other CPDs), which I would highly recommend as it gives you an extra depth of skills as well as the specialist areas of work that is covered. The coursework is wonderfully holistic, giving you an understanding of hypnotherapy from its roots to its contemporary status. The added knowledge of neuroscience and research based studies you will gain from this course will set you above the rest and clients love this angle. You will leave with a toolkit of strategies, techniques and understanding all embedded in a rock solid, tried and tested formula that ensures you are ready and able to deal with any issues your very individual clients will present to you. David Newton has gifted this incredible technique: the combination of solution focused psychotherapy with hypnotherapy, to us and I will be forever grateful. This course changed my life and I absolutely love my work. Being in my consultation room and owning it is priceless. The more seasoned a practitioner you become after training, the more depth you actually grasp is within this very clever modern practice. I wouldn't hesitate. Sign up and be prepared for a lot of fun, laughter, interesting work (that doesn't seem remotely like work) and a skill-set that is heaven sent. Enfys JonesChristine B.Christine B. ★★★★★ CPHT Bristol has a friendly professional environment giving clear understandings of the concepts and techniques of hypnotherapy in a fun way. There's support available when ever needed and they provide up to date research on brain science. I have done most of the courses available and hope to go to the new ones in the future. Training with CPHT has given me really helpful skills to enhance my life and the life of others too. Glad I chose to do this in my life. ChristineDipti the H.Dipti the H. ★★★★★ The Clifton Practice in Bristol is the Mothership of Hypnotherapy Excellence. I trained here with David Newton and Susan Rodrigues in 2012/2013.At this time, my life was in a very dark place as I was going through a divorce and my mother had died of cancer a few weeks before I started my training.Because of the supportive training and Solution Focused skills I quickly learnt I was able to pick my life back up and build a business from scratch and it ended up being one of the happiest times in my life.Since then, I have built a very successful and thriving Hypnotherapy Practice in the Cotswolds as well as a busy International practice online.Training as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist is one of the most rewarding careers ever, and the support you get after your training is excellent.The continued professional development is very comprehensive. You get regular supervision contact, additional learning, marketing help, business skills and pastoral care - and this is very helpful as you build your business.Thank you Clifton Practice, Bristol for everything you have done for me.Clare F.Clare F. ★★★★★ Training as a Solution Focused Hpnotherapist at Clifton Practice 10 years ago at the age of 50 was the best move I could have made. I am enjoying a wonderful career doing something really useful and have never looked back.Lucy G.Lucy G. ★★★★★ This course gives you everything you need to be come a successful therapist. A diploma level course based around sound theory and a lot of practical experience.John C.John C. ★★★★★ This is an outstanding course, it is extremely comprehensive and gives you all the tools and knowledge to start your own business, plus it is really good fun, I highly recommend it.David Tipper (Earth R.David Tipper (Earth R. ★★★★★ My experience of the Hampshire CPHT training course has been great! There were so many enjoyable parts to the course and I have learnt so much. Lisa Williams is one of the most supportive teachers I have had the pleasure of experiencing and I am truly grateful for both her guidance and sharing of her knowledge. The 'Solution Focused Hypnotherapy' technique is an evolution in talking therapies that sets this course above the rest. Highly recommended.Alex D.Alex D. ★★★★★ I chose this course in the first place due to the clear website and the fact that the responses I received were extremely helpful, clear, very friendly and also very fast and reassuring. What did I like best about the course? There was a very good rapport from the first day and the depth of knowledge of the presenter’s. The course is really professional, informative, supporting and scientific based. I have really enjoyed the course and as health care professional equipped me with new skills. Everything was presented in a relaxed manner and the environment was very friendly. I highly recommend the course to anyone interested in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy and especially to all health care professionals. One of the most amazing experiences! Thank you very much.Elaine N.Elaine N. ★★★★★ This course has literally changed my life! By re-training I have the skills and confidence to leave a job I no longer loved and do something really worthwhile and fulfilling as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist. Anne and Alex were great and the people on the course are now friends for life.Mariana B.Mariana B. ★★★★★ The most amazing training ever! With full confidence, I can say it is life changing! I've met amazing colleagues, that are now very good friends and fellow practitioners and, of course, our wonderful and very dedicated lecturers. Anne and Alex thank you so much for making this journey so unique! I totally recommend this course to anyone who is looking to change their life towards the better and help others in the process. It's a win-win!!I am so pleased!!! :))Lisa M.Lisa M. ★★★★★ Absolutely fabulous course! CPHT is a great training school to study with as it really is a leader in the industry. We train to a level 4 diploma so it isn’t an breeze’ by any stretch of the imagination but, it is worth while and so well put together. CPHT support their teaching skills with lots of evidence based stats and the use of certain pieces of equipment (I don’t want to spoil anything and give to much info away). I would highly recommend the course. You begin practicing from day one and the way the course has been put together ensures that by the end you have a small practice up and running. Perfect 👌🏼
Don’t overthink it, just do it! You won’t regret it.... it’s absolutely fantastic!!!!
Angie S.Angie S. ★★★★★ The course is intense but very hands on. Gary, Ali and Claire encourage the students to start practicing their new skills after the first weekend which builds confidence quickly. The results that we receive from clients from the very beginning is absolutely amazing. Amazing career move.Bonnie W.Bonnie W. ★★★★★ I would recommend this training to anyone who wants to work as a hypnotherapist. You will learn how and why Solution Focused Hypnotherapy works. You will really enjoy the course and most all be amazed by the results you have with your clients. This is a high quality course. I am so glad I chose CPHT Kent Hypnotherapy Training.Richard J.Richard J. ★★★★★ The course and the tutors were amazing. Being a classically trained hypnotherapist the t filled in the blanks for me on how the mind works. I especially like the process of not having clients to dwell on the past to bring about lasting change. So much so that I now only see clients on a solution focused basis. I would highly recommend the courseHelen Taylor J.Helen Taylor J. ★★★★★ I traveled from Bristol to Kent to attend this course, Ali and Gary are fantastic lecturers they are very knowledgeable and encouraging. I would highly recommend anyone who is thinking about this course to do it, you certainly won't regret it!Lesley E.Lesley E. ★★★★★ It’s an amazing course and I’m excited about helping peopleCatherine E.Catherine E. ★★★★★ Gary’s knowledge and enthusiasm for teaching solution Focused hypnotherapy is fantastic. These students will be in excellent hands and they’ll have a great time in the course.Tracy R.Tracy R. ★★★★★ Hi

Studied with CPHT in Manchester last year although delivered by different tutors the course was great and Cathy and Anne were involved. I’d have no hesitation in recommending doing the training with CPHT it’s life changing
Samantha C.Samantha C. ★★★★★ Training with CPHT Peterborough has been an amazing experience .
I have just qualified and in such a short space of time I cannot believe how much my life has completely changed .

This course was the best decision I ever made I knew I wanted to make career changes , little did I know my personal life would be come so much happier and that I would become a much better version of myself the person I actually wanted to be .

I choose the course and spent a lot of time researching other courses but CPHT was the only one that offered me what I was looking for a professional qualification at the end and a classroom setting and a actual tutor to have access to which was all available .

The training was very modern up to date neuroscience at times was hard but Gary the tutor is exceptional at teaching and his methods helped make it fun interesting and amazing and at the end I felt very knowledgable hypnotherapist .
I can’t praise him high enough .

Practice started quite early on and at first it felt daunting , but this too was the absolutely best thing ever I loved that in such a short space of time near the end of the course I was seeing paying clients .
I worked for the NHS for 10 years and as a result of how much I changed I decided to concentrate on my hypnotherapy practice . As I enjoyed so much helping others and seeing results in a short space of time .
It is an inspirational course run by a inspirational team of teachers . Thank you so much .
Sasha F.Sasha F. ★★★★★ This course has been an amazing positive experience in my life. The lecturers are very supportive and make the learning fun, and memorable. The course is really practical and you're encourage to begin practicing your new skills from weekend one, which was a little nerve racking at first, but this helps you to build confidence quickly. Anyone considering this course should definitely take the plunge, it'll change your life!Rebecca A.Rebecca A. ★★★★★ This course has changed my life! I now understand how my brain works, and how I can cope with literally ANYTHING that life throws at me - WOW - couldn’t have said that 10 months ago!Rebecca A.Rebecca A. ★★★★★ Great place to study with helpful, friendly, expert lecturers. Absolutely life-changing journey!Maria C.Maria C. ★★★★★ Briliant course, brilliant support. Loving it and looking forward to becoming qualified.Liz L.Liz L. ★★★★★ This course has given me inspiration and a new focus for my future Gary has inspired me to changeBridget B.Bridget B. ★★★★★ Fantastic course! In depth learning of hypnotherapy, informative and enlightening. The skill taught are usable instantly and can be applied in a clinical situation or to any aspect of your own life. Gary's style of teaching is entertaining and laid back but he won't let you off the hook. Clinical hypnotherapy and neuroscience (how the brain works and why we behave as we do) are covered. Sad it's over. Thoroughly enjoyed the process.Andrea S.Andrea S. ★★★★★ Taking this course has changed me, it has given me confidence in myself and the fact that I can now go on to have a career doing something that I love. Gary is a very informative teacher and makes the classes a lot of fun.Claire N.Claire N. ★★★★★ Fantastic course - would thoroughly recommend this course for its modern, professional approach to hypnotherapy. We were encouraged & supported to work with clients from the very beginning so that by the end of the course all of us were running our own practice, feeling confident & experienced. Great lecturers - supportive, friendly, interesting & interactive.Jeoma W.Jeoma W. ★★★★★ This course has been AMAZING!!!! I signed up hoping to start a new career, but did not expect the positive benefits to my life and the lives of my family and friends that Solution Focused Hypnotherapy would make. Gary is one of those rare, natural teachers who is engaging, captures your interest and keeps you laughing. Most importantly he makes sure you believe in yourself. 🙂Tony H.Tony H. ★★★★★ An excellent course and tutor, very insightful and provided the scientific evidence and content that I was looking for.

A profound sense of empowerment was gained for me during the course and subsequently as a qualified clinical practitioner, which I now pass on to clients and watch the rewards this brings to me and my clients, life changing on both accounts.
Alison T.Alison T. ★★★★★ This has been an amazing course and it has changed my life on so many levels. Gary is the best mentor imaginable. I would recommend this to anyone. Also Mrs Johannes makes a pretty good cake!Phillip H C.Phillip H C. ★★★★★ One of the best teachers I have the pleasure of being taught by in recent times. Classes are lots of fun, mainly due to his naughty sense of humour and his ability to give as good as he gets (and let me tell you he gets plenty). Thanks for making the last 9 months interesting and challenging. It has helped me immensely to integrate into UK life.Julia Anne S.Julia Anne S. ★★★★★ I trained with CPHT Birmingham in 2016. I had looked at other training schools before choosing CPHT as the most experienced and offering the best training. For me personally, it ticked all the boxes. The venue is easy to get to and has plenty of parking, it is a very pleasant place with great facilities. The group was small and friendly and well manged. The training was interesting and comprehensive, with plenty of practise sessions. The course work is as expected for a Level 4 course, but everyone is encouraged to work hard, use their new skills and to start putting into practice what they have learned from day 1. As students and individuals, we were supported and respected. I now have a very successful Hypnotherapy practice and am undertaking an Advanced Diploma and Supervisors Course.Jeni H.Jeni H. ★★★★★ Brilliant course ! I've learned a lot about myself as well as how to help others in a really positive way. 😊

Course Dates & Times

Our Weekend course times are 10:00am to 5:30pm.

For information on our current course please select Current Course Dates above.

Intake number: MN16

Start Date: 8th March 2025

Module 1 – 8th & 9th March 2025
Module 2 – 12th & 13th April 2025
Module 3 – 10th & 11th May 2025
Module 4 – 14th & 15th June 2025
Module 5 – 12th & 13th July 2025
Module 6 – 9th & 10th August 2025
Module 7 – 6th & 7th September 2025
Module 8 – 11th & 12th October 2025
Module 9 – 8th & 9th November 2025
Module 10 & Graduation – 6th & 7th December 2025

Our Weekend course times are 10:00am to 5:30pm.

Intake number: MN15

Start Date: 24th February 2024

Module 1 – 24th & 25th February 2024
Module 2 – 23rd & 24th March 2024
Module 3 – 20th & 21st April 2024
Module 4 – 18th & 19th May 2024
Module 5 – 22nd & 23rd June 2024
Module 6 – 27th & 28th July 2024
Module 7 – 24th & 25th August 2024
Module 8 – 21st & 22nd September 2024
Module 9 – 19th & 20th October 2024
Module 10 & Graduation – 16th & 17th November 2024

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Choose to pay in a lump sum or in 10 equal instalments spread over ten months. Helpful if you’re looking to change your career.

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Course Lecturers

CPHT Manchester

Venue address:
Leonardo Hotel Manchester Central, 56 Great Bridgewater Street, Manchester, M1 5LE

There are plenty of shops and cafes in Manchester in the city centre for lunch time food. The hotel also has a restaurant on the lower floor. The hotel can accommodate guests with prior booking direct with the hotel. The hotel has good Wi-Fi with a password available at the hotel.

The hotel does not have its own car park, however being in the city centre there are lots of options to choose from. QPark on First Street (postcode for SatNav is M15 4FN). A discount voucher is available from the hotel reception prior to departure. The closest car park is the NCP Manchester Central (postcode for SatNav is M2 3GX). Please download the NCP App to obtain the best possible price.

Central Location. Less than 10 minutes from Oxford Road Train Station. Manchester Art Gallery and the Convention Centre are close by. From Manchester Piccadilly train station it is approximately a 10 minute walk (the hotel postcode for walking directions is M1 5LE). Taxis are available from the station and the journey fare is approximately £6. The Metrolink Tram can be caught at Manchester Piccadilly to Deansgate-Castlefield which is adjacent to the hotel.

The training suite is on the ground floor. There are lifts in the hotel to upper floors for overnight guests. Toilets are on the lower floor of the hotel with lift access.

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